Race-hate: Junior star charged

Long Beach teens face hate crime charges
By Hector Becerra and Rong-Gong Lin II, Times Staff Writers
2:41 PM PST, November 22, 2006

Los Angeles County prosecutors today filed hate crimes charges against eight black teenagers accused of beating up three white women on Halloween night in a case that has startled and divided Long Beach.

Authorities said they took the action after concluding that the teens attacked and beat the women in the upscale Bixby Knolls area because they were white.

The case has been the subject of a wrenching public dialogue over the last few weeks in the racially diverse city of 460,000, with civil rights groups like the NAACP condemning the teenagers’ alleged actions and the city holding a public forum meant to ease tensions. The attack occurred on a block known for fancy Halloween decorations.

According to police, a mob of mostly girls, ages 12 to 17, allegedly hurled racial insults at the women, threw small pumpkins and lemons at them, and then knocked them to the ground with kicks, punches and swings of a skateboard.

The attack left the women, two 19-year-olds and a 21-year-old bloodied and with broken bones, internal bruises and cuts, before a black passerby stopped his car and pulled their assailants away.

“What could have possibly gone through their mind to make them think this kind of behavior was OK?” asked Long Beach Police Officer Jackie Bezart. The girls, who face felony assault charges, appeared in court today.

Their attorneys said the girls are good students and have no history of violence or criminal behavior. One of the girls won a full athletic scholarship to USC and had represented the United States in a track meet in China, her attorney told the court. He urged the judge to allow the girl out of Juvenile Hall so she could take the SATs.



Typical- let her out for the SATs. Fuck that!
I remember when the head of our track club, who worked for free raising money from bingo for athletes was beaten bloody with a tire-iron by some fucks. Once caught, they weret on bail and shadowing him and, once sentenced, they were given time off to play in their baseball league finals.

If US history is any precendent she should be let out with a slap on the wrist.

pic taken down cause it may or may not be her.

in bad taste and removed.

Careful. I’m not sure if this is the same girl. Are you sure??

It actually could be this girl[http://www.dyestatcal.com/news/xc2006/July/31 Sade Williams To Poly.htm](http://www.dyestatcal.com/news/xc2006/July/31 Sade Williams To Poly.htm) who transfered into the Long Beach Poly district for this season. But I am not sure if her transfer went through considering it was for athletic purposes and over an hour away from her previous location.

So I’ll take the picture down.

Its one of these two young ladies as they were the only southern california sprinters in Junior Worlds.

I am not sure if William’s transfer went through if so then it’s 50/50 on who it is. If her transfer didn’t get the green light then its Collins.

So’ll i’ll take the clan picture down.

I just pm’ed a Long Beach Poly runner on dyestat about William’s transfer to see if she is in the LBP district now. depending on their response Collins may be the only suspect left over.

I’ve heard rumours that it’s was Sade Williams.

Williams is at LB-P and goe’s to the “special” sub campus, read: for atheltes to gradiate, which would explain her needing to take the SAT’s as a senior. USC isn’t too tough on you about scores if you ran 52.3 as a sophmore.

we shall see.

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The two victims…

I can understand why Richards said what he did…but I cannot phathom what made those African-American girls attack the group of European-American girls???

So why not get Williams and Richards together and leave everyone else out of it!

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