Race diet

What do people recommend for food or supplements between races with a time difference of over 2 hours?

Supplement with amino acids- a good quality whey protein shake or 5 grams of Leucine, Isoleucine, Valene (and water, of course)

I have my first indoor meet Friday (Clemson early bid) and will be running 400 and 4x4. There is about a 4 hour gap between my races and i was wondering if it would be beneficial to have a high GI recovery drink between events?.. or is playing with insulin levels here not a good idea?

Please correct me if I am wrong or add to my comment.
The purpose of supplementing with BCAAS in that 2 hour period would be to restore the free flowing amino acid pool so that muscle recovery between races would be quicker and sufficent.

What else can you add to what I just said?