Race day diet...

What is the best way to go on race day? I’ve heard drinking a protein shake and eating oatmeal… sounds pretty good. AND i’ve been told the night before to eat any green (preferably spinach or asparagus) a whole chicken breast, and some kind of pasta. and milk or something.

What does everybody eat the night before? and for breakfast the next day?

It really depends on the race and when i am running the next day. I am a middle distance guy (400m/800m), so i run usually later in the day at meets. If i have some time, i usually have some eggs and a banana.

Night before: I usually follow the distance runners creed: whole-grain pasta, meat sause and salad (usually spinache) number. THen i get a protein shake before bed.

How far away do you stop taking in carbs? Would you eat a lot of carbs the night before competition or 24 hours before the race (or more?!)

A lot of athletes in the 80s (including BJ) used to enjoy eating roast beef sandwiches

I remember an old t.v. interview with Colin Jackson, and he used to eat a bar of chocolate the night before his races.

Colin Jackson was the guy who ate the chocolate. He used to eat a family sized block of chocolate the night before every race.
I don’t know if he still does it. At 35, he’s the leanest he’s ever been!

I’ve witnessed colin eating chocolate and some gelatin sweets before bed, and then chocolate on race day as well. Mind you he has a very small carb diet the rest of the time. He also has two red bulls pre-race…

If you ate a choclate bar before bed and thats all you had, how would you make it all day with race spread out all day. If I ran the 60H and then didnt eat until after the 4x4 Im not sure I could make through the race without any food. What could you snack on throughout the meet?

Two red bulls - no wonder he talks so quick in post race interviews

I’m wondering how the body responds to a chocolate bar immediately before bedtime. I’ve heard great anectdotal evidence supporting this method, but haven’t heard anybody get into the science behind it.


I don’t know, but I do know how my skin reacts to chocolate immediately after getting out of bed in the morning! :smiley:

too true about needing to be tired before hand :slight_smile: the idea is that chocolate releases caffeine and glucose relatively slowly. having carbohydrate before bed also means you’re not taking on water and therefore you aren’t holding water