Quiks Bench Press Video.

Im not trying to toot my own horn or show off but I said I’d video my powerlifting meet today and I did. I weighed in at 155 pounds and went 320, 325 to break my own record of 320 from last year and went for 330 and just could not lock it out.



oh wait, you cant send it there, the file is too big.

guys its actually a web address link…
so ill send you guys the link…

My host site is up temporarily until I go to Work in the afternoon. On it right now is only the bench press videos. It took hours to figure out how to do this.

Here is the address…

sickwitit or BPK :smiley:

is that you on your Avatar ?
Seems that you can bench more than squat, it is true ?

Bench and Squat is about the same. Clean is 225. I dont squat in season anymore for recvoery reason and a bunch of other stuff.



Damn impressive Quik. You made that look so easy!


Real Nice, QUIK!! Your grip is much more narrow than mine but I’ve got much longer arms so that would be a narrow grip press to me. I hope to post some pics tomorrow from our contest. Wish i had a video camera though…

Note: I see alot of discussion on hosting video clips. To remind all, we have terabytes of storage available so all interested just need to send a message to us for rates.

We are independant and have been since day one.


You´re not a sprinter right ? :eek:

Nice vid! Not much of an eccentric portion to that lift hey? :slight_smile:

Great job!


no f’n way you weigh 155. Holy crap, I’m at 145 pretty skinny. I guess I can understand, shawn crawford dosent weigh much and look how big he is. Whats your BF level at? 155 is freakin crazy, I would of guessed 175-85. Is your lowerbody a somewhat smaller? And also, I think somewhere you posted you where a long jumper, your the biggest long jumper I’ve ever seen. What are your PR’s for your events?

hahaha. I use that stretch reflex to my advantage bigtime.

My bf is around 4.5% with calipers tested by 2 of our ex.phys professors including distance guru Jack Daniels. Most people would guess around 175 180. I went to an amusement park last summer and the ppl. at the guess your weight booth guessed like 192.
My lower body is smaller however my thighs medium. I got skinny ankles and wrists.
My p.r.'s are 22’6 LJ 6.63 55 11.00 100 22.03 200 49.9 400.

HA quik is 3foot tall dudes!!! Just kidding he is a beast!!! I can vouche for him dudes he is not full of shit like so many people are on the net, he is however lacking in the looks category, everyone here at Cortland knows who gets more women :slight_smile: …nevermind I’m lying, quik has got me beat in that category too…quik I hate you!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

22’6", thats insane. I’m trying to picture someone as big as you flying in the air. Hey I was wondering if you can give me advice, you seem pretty well experienced. I dont want to start another topic on your thread, so please, when you have time, visit the long jump forum at this link and give any advice if you can. Would appreciate it.


well, I was able to load the site but it simply shows your picture and a search button, I queried the search for “Bench Press” but was unsuccessful. Is there a specific query i am supposed to enter? THrow me a bone here…

I couldn’t view the video either, but the numbers are damn impressive.

I am the same weight as you, except you clean 10 pounds more than me, I squat 10 more than you, and you bench 130 pounds more than me :smiley: