quikazhell - a 4000+ calorie diet!?!?!

How did you work up to this amount of calories? From what I can tell in the picture, you look pretty ripped. However, I remember reading somewhere that you’re only 160… however, I thought muscle was supposed to weigh pretty heavy so I was guessing around 220 until I read that post.

What does your diet look like?


from what i have read he is kind of short (no offence mate you are like my role model:P) he trains his ass off he kind of overestimates his cals (:P) and most notably and importantly he kicks major ass. On a sidenote there is an ongoing discusion right here http://www.charliefrancis.com/community/showthread.php?t=7975&page=3

also, he is lean, when you are lean its easier to stay lean cause you burn more cals to maintain body heat

Everything Epote said is correct. Well not really the kicking major ass part yet, but Im getting there. I am only 5’7 and yesterday at the gym I weighed in at 152 pounds. Anyone who sees me and guesses my weight always says 175-180 pounds. I actually did the “guess my weight” thing at six flags great adventure(amusement park) last summer and they guessed 190. lol.
I probably do overestimate my calories a little bit but I am sure I am at leastttt in the ballpark of 3500. As I said my 2 protein shakes a day alone = approx 1300 and I eat 3 meals beside that and one usually contains 40-50 grams of protein and the other usually 30 grams of protein so thats another 320 calories just off of protein equalling 1740 for the day and that is without the carbs and fat or my other 2 meals and without any of the drinks I consume. As I said though all I really keep track of is protein and The 2 shakes give me approx 100 grams total and as I said another 70-80 from my other meals.
When I get back into my house at school I will try and post a sample week I kept track of for my sports nutrition class.

Cool, good deal Quik.

On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the “cleanest”, how cleanly would you say you eat?

Honestly. 4

Haha, nice.

When I was eating really “dirty”, I was making good gains, but I had been carrying around a little too much excess weight. I went on a massive cutting routine, then really cleaned my diet up and now I’m at the point where I’m way too meticulous about what/when I eat, and I’m really not making any significant gains at all.

I need to force myself to change something here!