Since you run for a college team, how it is that you are able to have control over your training program?

Yo just in case it sounds like I’m trying to call you out or something… it’s not like that at all. Sorry. I’m just wondering

ITS OK… would of been better to send me a u2me but anyway,
i run for college… i had just got a new coaching staff and one has acutally coached an athlete who has done a bit of training/therepy with charlie and follws his program and my other coach also follws Charlies ways. So basically we have a good relationship and agree on most things and things we do not agree on since they know better than me most of the time i ask questions and i learn from them.

your pretty lucky to be on some what the same path as your coach. It can take the fun out of the sport if you and the coach are bumping head with each other…

Absolutley right… i am lucky… i did not have it this way before last year but i was still in the learning process… now its all good.