Question re:genetic potential and actual ability

do you all think, that without proper regeneration methods (massage, ems, chiro) and with a lacking in nutritional needs and supplements, that an ahtlete can ever fully reach their full potential? For instance, Tim runs 9.78, he doesn’t work, he probably gets massages when he wants and needs them, he gets all the right food I bet, he gets tons os supplements etc. So can we assume that every athlete in college/JC/not good enough to be a pro yet (ie. 10.30 100m runner) could potentially be the next 9.78 guy? Or can we say that it takes a shit load of talent to run 9.78 and the regeneration and all the other methods of recovery help tons? without that, can we assume that Tim would be a 10.25 runner?

one more thing… can we say that the athlete can only reach 95% of their potential?? should workouts be adjusted to this figure?

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This isn’t really related to the central theme, but EMS is not hard to get access to.

very true pete, i do agree. however, the others? isn’t that a limiting factor to potential ability?

Your training environment can effect your running career.

You need a good support team from mangers’/ coaches and home support is good also.

Talent can only take you so far.
After that comes your work capacity/intensity (increasing annually)
Supplements to increase the level of strength/RECOVERY is crucial.
Most importantly is coaching. You must have trust in your coach!

Hope this helps

Kenny Mac~~

so do you adjust your training capacity every year based upon an arbitrary figure. say, first true competitive year, 95%, then the next year 96% adn so on?
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Helps to have the wheels in the first place. Tim ran 9.96 as a junior without a weight program at 132 pounds. No one else has ever started from such a lofty position.

Charlie, do you think there will ever be a way for us to train our bodies to operate at it’s full potential. Do you think that we will be able to reach levels near “fight or flight” on demand. I know it wouldn’t be safe to be performing at that level frequently, but I don’t think we as humans lol, have total control of our bodies. I don’t believe in steroids, supplements or any performance enhancing drugs or nuthin like that. But I think there are ways that we haven’t discovered yet, that would allow us to reach the levels that our bodies are capable of.

What do you think Tim is capable of?

Coach Francis,
Do you think that athletes that are talented to begin with, yet not talented enough to warrant professional status and everything that comes with it (regeneration stuff etc and a pacheck) are only capable of producing 95% or what an athlete like Tim is capable of? If this is true, should these athletes then in a sense train down to their innate level. Say if Tim is 100%, then i would be 95%, and I would train everything to 95%??

Everyone should train to his/her own individual capacity and training circumstances. That’s a given!

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