Question From Mr Shumon Cool! Backs!

legend up above, Linford Christie

Do any of you people, know any back strengthen exercisers. Becuase, i think my back needs strengthening. What kind of excersisers could i do without weights.

sometimes my llower back bothers me, my muscles.

Thank you

Do you do much core work (sit ups and stuff) Mr. Shumon?

By the way - Question for the day -

Name the line up by Lane …

Which race was that? Its on the tip of my brain, but its not coming, help me out?

mitchell,cason,effiong,lewis,christie,surin and is that stewart in 1

sorry its frankie,i think

1993 World Champs

Yes i do sit ups, thankS but is there anymore exercisers i can do. I use to have this race on tape from when i was a kid. I can remember the comontating of it.

This race was the World Championship Final in 1993, Linford Christie ran 9.87sec.

reverse hypers are good back exercises and could be performed with no weights, even normal hyperextensions should help strengthen your lower back, i do them all they time as i have ur same problem, but u should progress in those quick like i did, i used to not be able to complete one set of 15 reverse hypers but now i can go for 5sets each 35 reps!
try em and see for urself

most of the time you get a problem with the ENDURANCE of your back muscles and not the strength of them. Hold your reps for a while. May be thats the problem.

can you please explain, how i do these exercisers.

Thank You very much.