Question for the athleates....

I didn’t know where to post this, so to be safe, I put it here.

Well, now that I have been training using CF methods (e.g. 4x30) I’m finally developing into a real sprinter. 2009 is the first year of my life to use CFTS along with heavy weight training; with the bonus of a good diet.

All of this did not happen at once, I just collected knowledge along the way where I could find it, but in about 4 years, I went from 170lbs to 204lbs. I would post before and after pics but there are no chicks on this site to impress(lol).

Now getting to my question, I recently went to the boardwalk and found that I had to sit down every 30-40 minutes to rest as my leg muscles (my 50 year old mom was out walking me!!) begin to ache, and other times when I haft to walk for LONG distances my legs once again begin to ache and I need to sit down and rest.

I’m not out of shape, (lol) but, it’s just I can clearly see that my body has adapted to running fast over short distances but the cost of that is the fact that I’m not as efficient as I use to be over LONGER distances and it’s clearly noticeable.

Have any of you athletes experienced this?

BTW, I do try to do as little walking as possible; I read in a book one time that power athletes should walk as little as possible because with each walking step they are actually detaining themselves to a degree.

If you are training for the 400m, you shouldn’t be only running 30s and you will need substantial work to at least 300m in training, likely longer. Simple as that. 4x30m isn’t CFTS necessarily or any training system. You may want to review the literature as there is a lot more to it than that.

Ohh, no. I’m training for the 60m-100m, I use to run the 400m. As far as training, I use to be under “sprint coaches” who trained sprinters like middle distance runners so making the jump to Charlies workouts was like night a day difference.

The 4x30 example, well, I’m well aware of these “coaching trees” and as far as I’m concerned, most of today’s coaches who have success, there knowledge or some form of it comes from CF model he developed 25+ years ago. Other coaches just find above average athletes to work with and try not to screw them up; plain and simple.

maybe you should replace some of your accel work with SE

I think you completely misunderstood what I said. The race is 100m long. If you are just doing 30s, you are leaving 70% of the race untapped and untrained (likely detrained, actually). Even in the programs Charlie has shown as examples, that is substantial high intensity work to 60m after the earliest parts of the general prep and there is literally an exhaustive amount of low intensity work out to as long as 600m via extensive tempo. Charlie even said that Ben continued to do extensive tempo out to 300m even in his last years (the workout he mentioned was something like 10x300m with 100m walk around). If you are doing just a few reps of 30m and low volume tempo… it isn’t incredibly surprising you might not be in good shape (though walking for a few minutes shouldn’t be a problem).

If you are just doing a few 30s for a large portion of the year, you are going to be leaving a substantial portion of the race untrained. Your comments on coaching trees is quite erroneous to say the least, though Charlie has most certainly had an influence on many. I think you are neglecting what Bud Winters was doing decades before Charlie that has had substantial impact in Jamaica, along with the work of Tellez and othehrs.

I’m sorry fogelson, I’m not writing clear enough.

Actually, if I’m saying this right, I have been following the SPP1 progression in the Vancouver lecture (long to short) but I have made a few modifications. To be clear, I have done 600 all the way down to 350’s (SE2).

Not that you asked, but after the end of next week I’m moving over to GPP for 10 weeks because there are no track meets until December in my area.

So Fogelson, are you a coach?

Are you doing your tempo work? If so, I’m very surprised that this is not taking care of the general / walking-around fitness.

I agree tempo runs and/or med ball circuit work should take care of it.

Judging from your posts, you probably want to actually go over the materials, not just a graph you got from somebody, because there is a lot more to it. As an example, if you read Angella’s book, you can see her routinely hitting >4000m/wk of tempo, even having multiple individual sessions over 3000m a week. Since you say you are training strictly “CFTS”, then something like this could be useful to know.

Wow! Thanks guys for the info!! Yes, currently I’m doing tempo at least 3 times a week and I just started doing (about 3 weeks ago) a med ball 300 rep circuit at least 2 times a week.

I saw in immediate visual improvement on my mid section from the med ball and I regret not buying a ball years ago and just throwing it against a wall in some random industrial complex.