Question for Football Coach or any others with the football mind

I need to improve my footwork, mostly on when i break in and out of my routes. My first question is what is the proper technique when breaking in and out of routes and secondly what kind of drills can i do to be able to run more crisp routes?


Well I play football, and for me I always find the best way to get better at the route is to practice the route. However, dont practice the route with the mistakes that you already have in it, but slow it down to the point where you can keep everything under control and perfect your footwork and breaks at slower speeds, then as you get better start taking the route faster and faster until you’re up to game speed. Specifically,what types of route are yout talking about?

Ins/Outs Hooks/Comebacks Specifically routes where you have to really break down and make a good hard cut.

When you are breaking on these type of routes, you want a good hard plant on that break(comebacks especially). Make sure you use yours arms as well to create a nice hard break; But dealing with all of those routes you mentioned, sink those hips down and get low when you break, the higher you are trying to cut, the less effective the break and route will be against a DB. Quickfeet- I would use the Dot Drill, ladder, quickfeet in place, etc. Hope that helped somewhat.

Also, practice on accleration and decellerating quickly, since you really have to slow down to make to some of those cuts and then turn on the jets once to get out of the break.

But how? Like what time of stuff can i do to work on accelerating and decelerating quickly?? Alot of change of direction drills??

i know charlie has said COD ability is heavily influenced by elasticity & core strength.

This might sound crazy but… I remember reading somewhere that doing long jumps helps in making cuts (it might have been eric metcalf from the cleavland browns-a 28 foot long jumper)… Has anyone ever heard this?

Genetik are you doing ins and outs (20m fast 20m stride 20m fast)on top of your football skills? I know this a linear speed drill but It would not hurt to add them on. Maybe some LJ drills too? Stuff like 5-10 steps and jump.

play some touch football or just get a couple of guy, one the play quarterback the other is the cover man and just go over everything.

Get Deceleration Method from Parisi speed school.


Strength, speed, power, etc. are all factors.

In terms of technique, as WRCortese5 says, sinking the hips and using your arms and shoulders is extremely important.

I would add that “sinking your hips” is a coaching term and means getting low to the optimal level in your cuts. It does not mean sitting down with rounding your lower back and “slouching” in your cuts. (Hard to describe in writing.)

When using your arms and shoulders be sure to keep the arms down. Many young receivers tip off the direction they are going to cut by raising one arm just before they cut.

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Football Coach

P.S. Coaching is very hard to put into writing. Your best bet is to get some live top level coaching. There must be some camps close by. Make sure you research the receiver coaches that will be at the camp. (Don’t be swayed by a pro player being at the camp. They are usually there for appearances only. Choose the camp for the coaches)