Question for Charlie or anyone else in the know

This might be a dumb question, but what was Ben Johnson’s “average” caloric intake during his competitive career, specifically at his peak ('87/'88)?

I know it probably varies day to day and with different phases of training, so any specific details availabe would be greatly appreciated!

im betting my ass off that no one is going to tell you:p

actually the reply will be along the lines “what he needed” or “diets are very specific to the individuall” or my favourite “im not going to tell because someone might copy it and ruin his body because he is not ben”

just tell us dammit:D

I bet Charlie didn’t kept a food log. If you read Speed Trap it said Ben would eat several meals in one sitting at least as an adolescent, I’m sure his appetite didn’t diminish as he aged. I’d say over 5,000 is a very safe bet.


Unless you’re BMR is equal to Ben’s and you are burning the same amount of calories, then it really doesn’t matter. I doubt that either of these are the case.

Right, I’m just curious. I’m not looking to start consuming the same amount of food as Ben.

someone please answer