Question about the "Search" function...

Alright, now many times on this site there are people who are new and ask a question, and a common response is “Use the search function, it’s been answered before.” So, I wanted to look something up, something that I had remember seeing on the forums before, and when I inputted it into the search function, I could not find the topic. After much looking on my own for over an hour, I found the thread buried in one of the pages of the “strength training” forum, which is locked except for those with access to this “expert discussion” section of the forums.

Interested, I decided to do another test to see if the search function searched through all the forums. I inputted “rest intervals for plyometrics,” which is verbatim the title of a sticky thread near the top of the strength training forum, which is reserved for expert discussion. Just as I had suspected, the search function came back telling me there were no matches.

So I guess I have a couple of questions about the search function. First and foremost, why doesnt it search through the expert discussion forum in addition to the rest of the forums, for the expert discussion forum contains many of the most informative threads that people are looking for? Is it possible to change this so that the expert forums are at least open to being searched by the rest of the community?

That’s all I want to know really. I’m not trying to attack the forums (they really are a great resource), but I just wanted to see if there was a way that they could be improved by allowing access of all threads to be searched.

Access to the Expert Forums only requires a single moderator referral. Simply seek a CF Moderator out, make the request, wait for the reply.

Moderators you can make your request to are as follows…