Question about college and their tracks?

I am going to be a senior in high school this coming year, and am looking at colleges right now. My question is about college track and field facilities. I plan on running unattached during college, and wanted to know if colleges allow students to use their facilites. Do you have to be on the team to use them? Or can any student use them? I’m also talking about the big size, well known type colleges.

Examples? If it is a public university, they MUST have it opened at some time during the day. From most of the campuses I have seen a track is available to students so long as it is not being used by a team. If you weren’t in the way, I doubt even that would be a problem.

A public, large sized college. Also, are the times of day they are open reasonable most of time? Like it’s not open from 6am-12pm. More like it being open in the afternoon.

This is a response I recieved from one of the colleges I was looking at:

No, because of liability issues. Only students in health and kinesiology
courses are permitted to use the track facilities.

Is that legal, to prevent a student from using a facility that is paid for by tax payers money?

I don’t believe so, but you will have to look it up. If they have a “similar facility” then they may be able to get around it or if that state has specific laws supporting their argument. I have always been under the impression that publically funded schools must have their facilities open at some point during the normal work week and during the day.

They stated that there is an indoor track and field at their Rec. department, built by and for the students. That would explain how they are able to do it.

Well if you’re a student, you should be good (“built by AND FOR the students”). I know down here that at USC and UCLA you can use the tracks even if you dont go to school there, but I’m not sure what things are like in your neck of the woods. It does seem odd that they wouldnt allow student to use the track though. Maybe cuz it’s indoor makes it different then if it were outdoors? I dunno, just throwing something out there.

Or you can just take one health and kinesiology course per semester, and that would settle it.