Question about CFTS update email

Hi folks, I got a nice surprise in my email today advertising a new updated version of the CFTS product. I was excited to download the new version since I’d purchased it in the summer of 2011 and should be eligible for the update but I haven’t received the emailed link yet. Is that something that will occur during the next few days? Based on the way the article was worded, it suggested that the emails had already been sent. I have the receipt in case it’s necessary.

Just wondering what’s up, would love to check out the updated version.


Have you checked your Spam folder?

Indeed I have.

If you want to send me an email through the site to info, I will look up your email to see if your name was included on the voucher list that was sent out a few weeks ago.
Check to see if you received this email as the link was sent only to those people purchasing the CFTS since the new store ( I only have records from this time on).
Thanks for letting me know you had a question.
Thank you also for your membership on the site and your continued business.

Thanks for the response, info has been sent.

Great job Ange.