Quess who I saw at the track monday!

So I go to the track to do my workout. As i get on the track I see this lady with huge quads. I start to jog over by her, at first I didnt notice who she was. But then it dawned on me.
Thats Zhanna Block! :eek: What is she doing in sunny Miami. :stuck_out_tongue: I without hesitation run back to my car to get the digi camera. I noticed that she was running 100m runs. I can tell she had done a few already. As I was warming up she did about 3 more. On the 3rd run her coach called out her time. 11.9, in tenny shoes. wow. She looked powerful as she ran. I was just snapping pics.
She then did about3 more. On the last one she ran 12.1. Not bad to me, but she was pissed. She started cursing, then crying. Now thats dedication or she crazy as fuck. Oh and at first I thought her coach was charlie then I got a closer look. not him.
I decided not to talk to her cause, I hate when people talk to me when i am practicing. So I was not going to bug her.

Since Charlie is in Australia I think it would be a little difficult for him to be in Miami as well! Nice photos though. What was she cursing about you taking pictures or here times?

her times.

Did you ask her if she wanted to do any partner assisted stretches?

this isnt’ allison stokke we are talking about

fresh/sophmore ntl record pv holder and tibia breaker as a junior. hopefully she can rebound this year and win a national title.

thread was jacked for a better purpose.

pv girl> block

someone else said this about isinbayeva i think but ill steal it


See her in the flesh? She is massive! Much more so than I would have expected.

Thats just wrong…but funny.