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Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a good conditioning program for quarterbacks? I can not seem to find any information on this


last spring, when i found this site my whole training and lifestyle outlook changed dramatically for the better. stick around, learn a lot, share a lot and get to know the crew, you would be suprised the depth of knowledge here.


i am going to leave alot of this for X and the others that are specialists in conditioning but at first glance, you may want to “get to know” the power snatch, the hanging clean and the standing push press. these lifts will help a ton with your quickness, speed and throwing ability.

as for dropping the 10 pounds, ive found that training can effect your weight, but more importanly you will want to nail down your nutrtion program. there is ton of back posts on this forum and on the old one and you should be able to find everything you need. also, check out www.johnberardi.com


I am in a similar boat to you (I am a converted wing back, not quite running back, not quite wr). I am, after a long layoff (the army got in the way) getting back into football. I will be playing on a ‘semi-pro’ team in Eugene, OR. I do not yet know what I will play. Probably slot back/db/pr. I have been reading your posts ( and n4d’s) and realized how wrong I have been. Thanks



i was looking for something similiar a few months back and you are right, there really isnt anything around.

but, thanks to the guys here and al vermeil, if you are looking to improve arm strength, you will want to take a look at a javelin throwers program. the motion, arm speed and weight of object is similiar to a QB, at least more similiar than a baseball pitcher.

one thing al said that really stuck with me was (in relation to throwing): strength comes from the legs, power comes from the torso and speed comes from the arm.

as for anything else, give us details about what your existing program, strengths, weekness’ (limiting factors) level of play, games/practice/spring camp schedule and height/weight/body comp stats…the more details the better the crew here can help you out.


I would echo nightmare’s comments and add the following:

What exactly are you looking for? A “conditioning program” is way too general. Do you need to improve arm strength, speed, agility, and/or athleticism? How old are you and what level do you play at? What style of offense do you run? For example, I am currently running an option-style offense, so speed and agility are critical to my success. If I were in a traditional drop-back style, arm strength would be more important (and I probably wouldn’t be playing QB…I’m a converted running back!)

That said, one of the things that I have worked on over the past couple of years is improving my throwing technique and arm strength. I have noticed the biggest benefits from doing a lot of rotational training and medicine ball throws (especially two-hand overhead throws.)

Give me some more details about what you are looking for and I’d be happy to share my experience.



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Thanks guys for the response.

My main focus going into this season is to improve overall body strenght and arm strenght.

I forgot to post my current program. Right now I am trying to loose 10 pounds.

Sundays & Wednesday
-10*100 tempo runs

-Bench Press 46
Shoulder Press 4
Seated Rows 28
Laterial Raises 2
Dips 2*8

  • 2 Knees down *20 * 15yds
    Parrallel feet * 20 * 20yds

Monday & Thursday

-3*500 tempo runs

-Squats 46
RDLs 4
Good mornings 28
Glute-ham raise 2
Russian twists 3*12

  • Throwing - mainly play catch, focus on technique

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Sorry for getting this thread a bit off topic. Ok, back to qb training. Why do you split your lifting? This doesn’t provide any days for CNS recovery. Also, why do a tempo workout of 3 x 500 as opposed to 15 x 100? I like the focus on “big” lifts such as squat, bench, RDL, etc and the use of things like the russian twist for rotational strength.

Here’s how I would structure the training based on 4 days/week. As far as losing the weight, listen to nightmare, he seems to be the expert. I have always been naturally lean and had to work to get up over 200# so I’m probably not the best person to talk with on this subject.

Monday and Wednesday:
High intensity day.
-Full speed drop-backs and throwing
-Short sprint work or agility runs (eg. 5 x 40 yd, full recoveries between each rep)
-Medicine ball work (focus on rotational throws and overhead throws. You can also do some explosive throws forward and backward with a big swing. Most of the power should come from the legs and hips.)
-Plyos (put in any plyos that you want to do here but keep the volume low and the quality high)
-Weights, full body (if you can, learn some olympic lifts. Otherwise, do a few more med ball throws. Squat, bench, RDL/good morning, pick an upper back and shoulder. You will need to periodize this, but generally keep the reps under 6 and leave a few reps in the gym.)

Tuesday and Thursday
Recovery day
-tempo up to 20 x 100m (work up to this, keep the pace at <75%, but if you can handle this volume, it will help with dropping the body weight as well)
-calethenics (push ups, situps, high-volume med ball work. This should help recover from the tough workout the day before.)

Obviously, you will want to vary the volumes and intensities of each of these elements depending on the phase of your training year and some variety is always good, but you never want to get too far away from any of the elements.

I think this will get you going. I’m going to look up some javelin training programs to see if I can find anything specific to the needs of a more ‘pure’ thrower.



nice post brother! see now thats why i got out of the way and let someone like yourself take the lead.

and i perfer the term specialist over expert, the term expert brings with it a lot of pressure.


after you do back search here and look over john berardi’s website, if you have any other questions, post here of email me directly.


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Xlr8 & Nightmare4d :-

Thanks guys for the advice. That is more than enough, I will get going on it straight away and let you know how I get on.


Any progress? How about an update on your training…