Qualities of Developmental/Elite Athletes?

What do you guys think the differences lie btw Elite Athletes vs Developmental Athletes mainly in SPRINTERS.

I say…

1 Genetics/DNA

2 Pain Tolerance

3 Strength

4 Power

5 Firing Rate/ CNS

Mental Toughness/ concentration

7 Finally the RIGHT Environment

On both sides (men/women), i.e., what is it that the 9.90 guys have that the 10.70 guys DON’T have?

Same on the women’s side what’s the difference the Sub 11.00-11.25 (women’s) & 12.05 (women), that’s over 24 years of age on the ladies side?

What is it that

Maurice Greene
Dewain Chambers
Ato Boldon
Frankie Fredricks
Justin Gatlin**
Tim Montgomery
Coby Miller
Shawn Crawford

Z-P Block (Urk)
Marion Jones (USA)
C.Gaines (USA)
Hurtis (Fra)
Tanya Lawerance (Jam)
V. Campbell (Jam)
A. Williams (USA)
M. Nku (Ngr)
Kellie White (USA)
A Bailey (Jam)
Muna Lee (USA)

Why are they running .50 to .85 slower than ELITE athletes? I’m talking the athltes who have been training for 15 years w/ average coaching, not poor coaching?

This should be interesting. There’s a lot of coaches who tell athletes they can be just like the athletes I mention above who are posting .90 slower than elite athletes.

I can recall Francis stating that if you have a bunch of guys who are running 10.7’s in the 100m you must be doing the wrong things (Speed Trap). What if they don’t have the qualities from the BOX ??

Kenny Mac~~

There are 5 things that make an elite athlete



There are many little factors that some overlook that could prevent reaching the next level as well.
do they work? if so, are they on their feet?
training age?
nutritional habits?
level of expertise of support staff (therapist, manager, etc)
dedication to sport, ultimate goals

I´ve been lucky to have been around some great athletes who have been at the top (Oly and world champs) in their particular sport, and one thing I see in common is that they all took responsibility for their program and success. They figured out what they needed, and then how to get it. What were the holes, and how to fix them.

Sure, the talent, coaching, support, etc., has to fall into place, but ultimately the ATHETE has to perform, and accept responsibilty for themselves, IMO.

I have also seen VERY talented athletes who didn´t have the whole package and little happened. But they have great stories about just missing the podium, or being world junior champion, or fastest in training…

Talent’s great- but if you screw up it will turn to crap, crap, crap, crap, crap. Get a big enough group and train properly (nothing fancy at first!) and you’ll get results- unless the gene-pool in your area has been affected by nuclear waste.

How do you know if a sprinter has talent then?

checking fast/slow twitch muscle fibres?

I just believe if they train hard, learn proper technique & mechanics they can be anything they wanna be!

If Donovan Bailey had so much Talent how come it took him so long to surface and be one of the best in the world?

a coach can ussually gauge a good athlete by movement patterns, build, etc.
Testing is the best and can include:

  • Stand LJ
  • Overhead Shot Throw
  • 5 Bounds for Distance
  • Timed Runs
  • Stand TJ

All the genetic factors being described are important- but not always readily apparent. Like Donovan- create the right circumstances and the talent will thrive!
Along these lines, there’s an old French saying- Luck must exist. How else can you explain the success of people you don’t like!

I have to sneak to the computer, so that I can get some posts in. When the girl is racing, she becomes the sleep nazi. If I get caught posting past 10, then I have to do a morning run, LOL!.

SLJ: 2.75-3.04m
STJ: 8.2-8.85m
5 Bounds: 14.9-15.7
OHT: 15.4-16.2
female markings