Quad Issue

I ran about 3 weeks ago at a meet in San diego and tweaked my quad. I took about a week and a half to 2 weeks off with some very light tempo running about a week after. Last saturday (a week and a bit ago) I ran an awesome workout 3x30 1x180, 1x145, 1x120 and felt great.

Last monday i warmed up and was feeling pretty good but then in the first run of the day 1x120 I tweaked the quad again (feels like a light strain) for the last week i have been getting massage, iceing a ton, and doing olympic lifts (no pain during these lifts) Yesterday i tried doing tempo again and it seems the injury has made hardly any progress. Im just wondering what more could i do?

I noticed in another post Charlie mentioned a push/pull split 4x a week. would this be including leg exercises or just upper body? also i feel no pain in the quad when doing cleans and deadlift, should i cut these out anyway? finally what about heat and ice? which one.

I have been running awesome up until this stuff started happening… frustrating!!! need to get back on track. thanks!!!

I would be concerned with Oly lifts till you get a handle on the quad situation. Do you have access to EMS? That way you could do strength mode EMS on the good quad and the hams and glutes while lightly pulsing the other quad above the strain. It would be good to get ART on the area to make sure all’s ok.