does anyone has any info on pyruvate in terms of use for sprinting?

In what capacity would they use it for?

I am assuming that you are thinking of using it as a way of increasing your ability to run in an anaerobic state(400’s or 800’s). In the krebs cycle it is converted into acetylcoA(sp?) which then in the mitochondria is converted into ATP. And ATP is what allows contractions of the muscle to take place. So theoretically(or at least I believe the idea behind the supplement was) that instead of relying on carbohydrate metabolism, it would use the pyruvate instead.(as a caution it has been a while since Bio so if I messed up the explenation to bad feel free to correct).

As to whether or not supplementing with pyruvate can enhance training in races such as the 400s and 800s, I remember reading a study saying that it did not seem to improve their times( i believe they used the 400m as the test). So at best it is inconculusive, although its possible that it may have had more of a benefit in a longer race. Also, just as a caution, I know people who have tried using it in high amounts for body composition purposes and have gotten mild constipation. Nothing that would kill you, but still kinda irritating.

thanks very much