Put down the weed


Stupid on her part, but at the same time, she is going thru alot. They need to un ban weed

Richardson tested positive for marijuana, which is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency and United States Anti-Doping Agency in-competition period. The threshold for an athlete to have THC in their system in competition without it causing a positive test is 150 nanograms per milliliter.

Now - what’s “in competition period”? Competition period shall in principle be the period commencing just before midnight (at 11:59 p.m.) on the day before a Competition in which the Athlete is scheduled to participate until the end of the Competition and the Sample.

This sets up a Huge Money Race after the Games. Hopefully, the ppl/Org that can make it happen, don’t screw this one up.

Apparently she had been delivered the news of her birth mom passing.

I have been most impressed with Biden’s comment regarding how well Sha’Carri has handled herself.

No one including the networks talk about the why.

What is another 4 years anywayzzz…

Unite… organize and become invested in the greater good for all athletes…this is what the lovely sport of track needs and requires…

Let’s look at tennis and pro sports that have been around the block with their lawyers.

Open the dialogue up.

Does this ban make any sense?

According to the current rules the powers that be believe this makes sense.

If ever there were a better moment in time to make these changes it would be in the world of ALL LIVES MATTER. Imagine that… Even athletes matter and they can be other colors and come from other countries including the countries that may not hold TV contracts.

Ms.Sha’ Carri broke a rule and what I want to know is why no one gives a rats butt why she did what she did and what is the track world gunna do about it.

Pretty sure the governing bodies don’t care. Plenty of others to fill Ms. Carri’s spot for now and in four years everyone will forget about this ( actually it will take about another 4 seconds for this to blow over)

Does anyone of note have the balls to act or do we all collectively sit by and discuss the smoke and fallout of another person’s life?

Another question.

Carl Lewis is without any doubt an amazing athlete.

Ben Johnson beat his sorry ass in 1988.

Canada got beat by USA. Ben did not get beat by anyone in that race.

The politics win again in Track and Field.

If I was not Canadian I would bet money on my not writing any of this as I would have zero vested interest in doing so. The official results would have been on my side.

Why does one want to win a gold medal when other’s in the race are disqualified for same or similar reasons they too have been apart of in the past? With all these grey lines post 1988, with so little change for anyone who is keeping score who is the fastest? ( I think it depends on who the score keeper is if I am correct?)

Big money race after the Olympics? No one cares expect for the niche group who actually follows track.

Zurich was the meet to win because the key people in the world outside of the the drama and politics at the Olympics all got invited.

TRACK People need to dictate what track people need and want and they need the guidance of educated law makers with an understanding of history beyond a day or week or month or year.

If details don’t matter than open everything up and make it a true circus where everyone gets to enter.

It was a stupid move due to an extreme situation. Yes, she is going through a lot.

Why are people in the sport treated as subhumans?

Why are the athletes of note not demanding different rules?

Why do the tennis stars get banned peanut amounts of money and banned a game maybe and then it all goes away never to be discussed again? It’s because the rules are different and track rules can also be different.

The price of all of this does not fit the crime.

what about vaporizer? is it the smoke? i would think it would be good calm/sleep aid for athletes.

I believe THC harms performance no matter how it is ingested, with some methods only slightly mitigating the risks. THC when consumed is a depressant and will therefore slow communication between the mind and body. Since it has a very long half life in the body, this may affect training sessions and competitions. It also will diminish the amount of time you spend in REM sleep which is critical for recovery and for production of a natural athletes hormones.

I am wondering why weed matters to so many people and what place it has in our wellness? It’s a question not a statement as I don’t know a lot about it other than it has made me sick so it’s not something I have cared too much about.

I’ve been told how amazing it is and has been for pain and sleep and many brain health issues but I’ve also read it’s not great for the brain. Who’s right?

Are some people able to smoke weed and run the 100m while others it might make them sick?

Marijuana use due to politics is a hard topic to discuss, like most topic these days. But Sha 'Carii does appear to be quite a anxious/ neurotic person , so people like this should avoid it.

There can be beneficial use for those with chronic pain but most of the general population should avoid it considering side effects. Alcohol causes much more damage in society but that is a different debate.

Personally I avoid all drugs , even pain meds unless absolutely necessary. It comes down to personal choice ultimately. If people are stupid enough to believe that marijuana will enhance their physiology than that’s on them

“People like this should avoid it”

Do we really know what is best for Sha Carii? I don’t think so.

Right now we get to learn a ton of information. Cool… what does any of it mean?

We, me, those reading this are not getting intel into how she trains, how Usain trained and how those post Ben Johnson domination era trained. Are we?

Charlie did not have to create this website or write a book but in doing so it’s shared a great deal of information with fellow coaches and athletes and parents and anyone who’s able to read and have internet.

We have Gweneth Paltrow starting a company who’s sharing documentaries about wellness outside of the elite sprinter and elite sport world.

My hat goes off to anyone in any industry that’s able to surpass their past and figure out how to thrive, enjoy and hopefully sustain themselves.

I have an embedded bias against all things to do with addiction yet have recognized not so long ago that my life as an athlete was designed as a perfect escape. I could have easily turned to something other than wanting to be really great at ANYTHING.

Take away message

try not to let politics change what is in your heart and soul and try not to hurt others, be kind, share, empathize, practice compassion

NO one gets it all. don’t care who it is…

My take on marijuana use is way different than when I was a naive user. I now know that is has more tar than cigarettes, and vaping coats your lung with an oily substance. I was 'off the ‘rails’ for a few years during my early twenties. I stopped smoking as a New Year resolutiion, and within weeks, my 50m time went from 6.2 to5.9! I know it slows your reflexes, so why would a sprinter want to indulge??

Why people do what people do is the kazillion dollar question I guess.

My non user understanding of it is it helps a lot of people sleep or avoid or forget or it’s just interesting? I dunno know.

There is a ton of information now on the effects of chemicals and drugs and more understanding on our performance possibilities natural and otherwise.