Pushup's Journal!

August 9, 2005
Well, let’s get this thing started! I have some free time on my hands and i decided i’ll get the intro over with.

Age: 18
Height: 5’10’’
BW: 130 :eek: lol. (I’m working on bringing it up)

Main Goal: Be in great shape. I don’t plan on competing, for now, but later on i will take a shot at track and soccer.

Training Emphasis: Sprinting (100m), Tempo, Lifting, Cals, Mixing it up, and doing what feels right.

The Plan:
This is my first week of training. I completely quit for about 2 months :frowning: So I’m mainly focusing on general fitness right now (Tempo, core, and lots of commitment). I think in a couple of weeks i’m going to start Pavel’s Naked Warrior program. Expect a book review on it once I implement it in my training and see the results it brings to me.

Did lots of jogging because it took forever for my body to warm up for faster paced running. Eventually i did 3r @ 80m at about 70%. After i did those runs i felt so good that i went ahead and did a max effort sprint (roughly 80meters)!! It seems that i haven’t lost much speed. However, while doing my final sprint, the farther i ran the more my body cramped up. I had to stretch my left quad for about ten minutes afterwards. It was a good day!

August 10
Today i felt like doing cals instead of running, so i did! (All reps were performed with maximum muscle tension and focusing on breathing “with my stomach”)

Warm up
Pushups-3s x10r
Lots of leg raises for both quads and hams.

Followed by stretching. It looks like i didn’t do much, but focusing on muscle contractions takes a lot out of you! I really enjoyed this workout.

August 11
Shoveled dirt for an hour, back is sore!

August 12
Today i officially started my Naked Warrior training. I’m trying to work my way to being able to do one-arm pushups(oap), and one-leg squats(pistols). For now, i’m doing door oap’s and box pistols.

Warm up & Drills
Door OAPs-5x5
Box pistols(inch above knee)-4x5
Cool Down & Stretch

Intensity will build up, right now i’m just getting started.