push-ups pull-ups and dips

I do push-ups pull-ups and dips on tempo days. Are this good exercises to do, what type of reps and sets should be done in this exercices should this be done in addition to medball exercises or exclusive to them. thanks

i think they are very useful workouts. training against ur body weight and gravity. ultimately these are the only resistances to u on the track. i would start off with 3sets of 10reps (maybe more on push-ups) and build up from there. combining them with a medball workout esp during gpp would be very beneficial

Dips are very good, just make sure you have someone spotting you at first, if inexperienced, to get the right technique…many people do them incorrectly, especially beginners and if your strength/power is low.

my max amount of consecutive pull-ups is at least 20 mabye a little more becuase I’ve never maxed out on them fresh, how many pull-ups should i do total on a tempo day then.

okay then so how about u start with 4 sets of 15 and build up from there. u pick an easy load that is relative to u, and then progression is the key.

Push Ups Pull Up and Dips are probably some of the best execises all around you can do because they’re multi joint exercises.

Push Ups - small variations of hand placements (WIDE, NARROW, ELIVATED ETC) can work you whole upper body,

Pull ups - same thing just place ur hands in different positions (Palms Facing in, Close Grip, Wide Grip, Palmst facing each other) works tons of muscles.

Also with feet elevated (like incline press) and hands elevated (like decline). Pull-ups can be done on a low railing face up from underneath to simulate an arm-pull.

Also known as inverted rows they make most people look like serious wimps! How many can you do and still touch your chest to the bar?

You have to do em in large sets as part of an interval circuit.

Ensure that the elbows never reach a point that they are higher than the shoulder joint or you can be destroying the capsule and structures near. Depth is just about 90 degrees and any previous injury should think about other options like chair dips (weighted of course).

I can do 38 pushups in 30 seconds and 62 in 60 seconds, that was for my most recent Physical fitness test. For training i normally do three reps of 20 normal pushups. Three reps of 10 spinning/revolving pushups (going down then springing up while revoling in a circle gradually with each spring) and incline and decline pushups in between.