Purchasing A Medicine Ball In Australia?

Does anyone know any good sites that sell medicine balls online in Australia. I’m looking for a 12 pounder and so far the cheapest I’ve found is $49.00

Can I get one any cheaper or is that the best I can do?

Mine cost a few bucks. That was the cost of the duct tape. I cut a hole in an old soccer ball, stuck a funnel in, and filled it with sand. Then i duct taped it up and shabam, a 15lb and 20lb med ball.

It’d probably be better to use rice, or some kind of grain…faster to fill up, and a bit lighter.

I’ve tried that and it failed miserably… twice :frowning:

Same here! I only was able to use it 3 or 4 times before it split open!

hmmmmm, i have yet to toss/throw my psuedo-med balls…this could be bad…ive only used them for my core workout. from what you guys have said, the outcome for my first few explosive med ball throws looks dismal.

you both used a soccer ball? and tons of duct tape? I mean…soccer balls are pretty durable. i only made a hole big enough for my filter to fit through.

Maybe spending a pretty penny and getting a really decent med ball is the only way to go then>? i say…indulge.

I used a volleyball the first time (similar to a soccer ball) and a basketball the second time. The volleyball lasted about 5-6 sessions and the basketball lasted 2 sessions i think. My duct tape was poor quality though, so that may have been the problem :confused:

not sure about prices, but Amart all sports or Rebel seem to always have ample med balls in stock. perhaps they have web sites?

i just bought my 3rd ball. my 1st one is about 10yrs old and does not bounce at all and weighs 10kg. the 2nd ball i got as a present and bounces well and weighs 1.8kg, i tried to get a 5kg one today, and they all seemed to have Handles also they needed to be pumped up with air for them to bounce-but that caused them to distort in shape and bouncing was not an option anymore.
I finally found a 4kg solid ball that bounced well at Elit Fitness-commercial division.
They have a range of many balls.