Pumping Iron

I’m sure I’m not the only “Pumping Iron” fan on this site. I’ve heard rumors about a special anniversary dvd edition coming out. Is this true? I would really like to get a copy of it.

really? thats one of the more definate things i’ve heard. Let the anticipation begin!:sing:

yeah, it’s true…don’t know how to get it though. If you find out let me know.

You may be able to purchase it on www.gmv.com.au ?

it was on either cinemax or showtime yesterday.


Pumping Iron is the greatest movie of all time!

“Milk is for babies, when you grow up you drink beer!”

i got an original back end of last year, word is that Arnold has bought the rights and is releasing it soon, september time

Having been a bodybuilder i was an annual subscriber to flex magazine and an interview with arnold (April issue) had arnold saying that he’d bought the rights.

A DVD will definately come out

Check this out:


It is out there - It can be downloaded from the web too -

Great Flick …

DVD release date :
November 11, 2003.