pull or strain?

i feel a twinge when do complete leg extension at the hamstring/adductor magnus region this time on the left, i had a strain on the adductors on the right which is healing.

I made a mistake which i need to know about…

i did easy stationary bike at 120-130 bpm for 30 mins

then i decided to do a little squats for first time in 6-8 months(i do power cleans and is fine). Let my legs cool abit and proceed i didnt feel anything until i walked around i felt a twinge in my left hammy area leg i was thinking damn it i dont it again sigh. I dont know if its a pull or what, i feel as if its a grade 1 strain and if it is it is another 2-3 months to completely recover(slow recovery i have). If i rise my left leg compltely up as if im gonna knee someone in the face i feel it abit there. I did warmup just with the bar, then did 135 for 2x8 and felt it after second set, felt a warm pull and as i moved felt it further. I iced it and all after and felt somewhat better but its unpredictable my body. Suggestions?

would part of this be from the fact i did 30 mins of stationary bike causing tight hamstrings?

not doing squats in almost a year?

going over 5 reps on the squat for the first time (always did 5 reps but changed the sets)?

Well I have never pulled my hamstring but have had strains before. People I know who have pulled there hammy usually feel a pop and are out for a loooooooooooooong time.

when I get strains its just some discomfort when I stretch, restricted ROM, and less strength. Strains usually heal up (for me) in a week so if your worried just take time off.

Strengthen your hammys once you get better asap!

I have also strained my right hamstring twice this last year. I am currently recovering from the second one now. I would suggest going to get som ART from a physio. They will help determine what is wrong with your muscle and the ART will break up any scar tissue that may build up around the affected area. My physio also has me doing some exercises like wall squats and hamstring curls (low weight lots of reps to get the blood flowing). I still play my sport but I warm up really well and if my hamstring really starts to bother me I stop running and ice it when I get home. Hope this helps.