Public Tracks...?

So now that I’m out of high school and in college, I’ve encountered a little problem. I have NO track to practice/train on now because the university I’m currently enrolled at does not have a track team. And my high school does not allow non-students to run on the track like they used to because of safety issues. That’s why I need y’alls help on a few things. Are there such things as “public tracks” that anyone can go to during most hours of the day? Are there any places that require membership that I have a track? Are there any websites that show pubic tracks in my area?

I’m currently a member of the YMCA and as most people know, their track is dirt and very bumpy. I would happily drop my membership there to join a gym that also has an “official” track.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Cod it sounds like your in the south. I was kicked off just about every public track in the city. The grand finale came when after installing a brand new track surface my friend ripped a whole in the ground from the power of his start. In the north things are run a bit different, meaning they dont care. In the south tracks are sacred places of worship. These so called public tracks were not just built for the track team. If you want to cause a ruckess, find out when the school allows the public to train on the track and no matter what time the track team is off tell the coach the school rule over and over and over agian untill he listens. Then tell the school if he does not. There was a point when we would go to the track everyday just to argue with the coach. A coach named coach k: a distance geek who did not like sprinters, did everything he could to keep us off the track. We made such a stir that they went as far to actually put up signs posting times when the public is allowed to use the track. Not sure you want to take it that far. And then if they dont respond well I would tell them your going to the local newspaper.


Sometimes bolder is better.


Well, you’re right, I’m in the south. I live and work about 20 minutes north of Atlanta to be exact. Most of the tracks around here have fences that are around 12-feet high and the gates are all locked. I don’t really feel like tossing my gear over the fence, then climbing the thing, just to run. Because after training, I’m too tired to jump back over the fence so I can get in my truck and go home.

Be carefull that you dont get caught for trespassing.


I’m not going to trespass. I’ll just have to keep looking for a public track. My brother mentioned that the Civic Center that’s about 10 mins away from my house has a public track. I’m gonna check it out Saturday.