prototype runningback

hey what is the prototype for a good running back in the nfl, you know speed, size, ht, weight. they use to say some people were to small to run the ball but now it looks like the best runners are the smallest ones on the field.

times are starting to change…it used to be the fast backs were the dominant ones, but now bigger backs that go up the middle are doing better: ricky williams, stephen davis, etc.

There is no universal prototype. It depends on the offense. Take Stephen Davis. He is excelling in Carolina’s power running game, but he did not do very well last year in Spurrier’s pass-heavy Fun 'N Gun. And Marshall Faulk is amazing for St. Louis because their offense utilizes his skills, especially his versatility. But he would not be as effective in a Carolina-style offense.

i wouldn’t say there is a “prototype” running back in the nfl. They all have special qualities. I read one book discussing great running backs which brought up the point that all of them have something unique, like no one as big as John Riggins was as fast, no one as fast as O.J. was as strong, no one as quick as Barry had as good of lateral movement. There are successful backs like Ricky Williams and Stephen Davis, and then there is Michael Bennet, Clinton Portis, Warrick Dunn. It really matters what kind of offense you are running. Many teams need a running back that can catch out of the backfield, in the West Coast Offense.

I would have to agree with these with these replies. There is no archetype for a running back. Instead, there might be archetypes for offenses. However, once that is ‘set’ someone will come along, that doesn’t fit mold (not big/fast enough), but, instead, makes the mold fit him. Emmit Smith comes to mind. He was not very big (~5’9" 215#) and not blindingly fast, but he had no problem dominating in a power running offense in Dallas. Would Eddie George or Stephen Davis do better behind that line, considering that they are more the ‘power’ mold? I don’t think so, but maybe I am wrong.

stephen davis ran 10.4 something in the 100m in high school…

Yeah I guess yall are right, but I think if Bo jackson didn’t play baseball and if he didn’t get hurt he would’ve been one of the best rbs who ever played in the nfl. He was real big(6 foot 1 inch) and really, really fast. He was a rare kind of rb. Track was his favorite sport in High school