Protein use

Lately I read that the human body cannot use more than 30 grams of protein every 4 hours. If that’s true, how is one supposed to consume 170 grams and more (as I am doing at the moment, trying the Zone Diet) of protein on one day? Any comments?

Thanks, nightmare.

No, it wasn’t a study; it was just an article by someone who claimed to know something about nutrition, so his views could be dead wrong as well. I was surprised reading that anyway…


could you post that study? im interested to see what level of activity level the subjects were and what size/type of body.

check out john berardi’s new article on the t-mag site, he goes into this a great deal.

not true,

There are alot of factors to be taken into consideration.

I am sure Pee Wee Herman needs less protein than Ronnie Coleman.

Ronnie weighing about 300lbs - I am sure he can handle more than 30g of protein at one sitting.

Things to consider:

  1. Age
  2. Male of female
  3. weight and BF %age
  4. Activity level.
  5. Type of exercise program followed.
  6. Stressfull lifestyle or not
  7. Time of day
  8. What you have just done.
  9. What you typically eat.

thats only the ones I can quickly think of.


sorry dude - thats what I get for quickly scanning the previous posts instead of reading them thoroughly.

My post wasn’t aimed at you personally - As you can see I am with you on that one.


No word on Ian - I also heard that he was doing 400s, but, he seemed to say this was only to help him with the 200 - which he considers his main and best event.

This was a while ago - so I do not know what he is doing for sure.