Protein powders?

This may be a stupid question but where does most of the protein powders come from? I heard Paul Chek mentioning that most of the powder is the rubbish from the milk factories or something along those line?

Has Paul Chek actually seen the inside of a manufacturing plant? While Paul has added some positive to the industry his words about protein powders is BS. Many good products are pharmacuetical grade.

Didn’t he blame female ACL tears on girls eating wheat?

Paul was on a highway a few years ago but has taken a wrong turn a while back.

Not to give you a non-answer but - It depends on what you want …

Fast acting, slower acting, carbs included etc.

Generally try a good whey protein, while they may have detractors I find Biotests products good.

I also cycle the powders - something you might want to consider also.

In a radio interview Paul Chek says whey protein from the dairy manufactures costs 14 cents for 1kg- “whey protein used to be a dairy manufacturer’s waste product fed to pigs…”

I have a food intolerance to cows milk and eggs so I wondered whether or not I should consume whey protein?


Whey is more like 14 dollars a kilo and Paul Chek is going a bit far on his expertise.

Whey proteins are many times lactose free and they are great for athletes. Just don’t live off of them.

Yes that’s before we discovered what was in it and the benefits of whey…

I’m tempted to go off on one about Chek … don’t start me - there is some very good info in the archives on whey powders - maybe do a quick search?

The best thing about Paul Chek is that he made a company out of an acronym of his surname.

This is good stuff :

But dont take too much or you’ll bulk up like crazy.
I take just enough to help me recuperate from workouts

I go with Biotest for my protein powders for the most part. I’ve found these to be the best in quality, while being priced at something reasonable.