Protein Advice (please Help!!!)

I know protein is a very very important for a sprinter. well i’m a sprinter who’s 6’0 and weigh 164ish. I can run the 100m in 11.07FAT and 200m in 22.30FAT. I don’t have big arms, big thighs, or even a big chest. i sustained a pretty bad injury a while ago. i couldn’t run or even jog for 2 months straight. i just started running/sprinting a week ago, and it’s going pretty well. should i supplement on protein to get bigger and faster and stronger??? i’m afraid of gettting too bulky and slowing down. i bench max 240 and squat max about 285.

you won’t get ‘bulky’ and slow off of supplementing with protein… Look at your diet first to check out how much protein you are getting out of that, then look to powders for additional protein needs.

theoretically, due to the gain in strength, there will be a gain in speed, correct???

It all depends on how you transfer the strength you gain to the track… But usually a gain in strength will help your speed, yes.