props to CF

Charlies handy work. My kid, raised on a diet of CF’s principles and the ideas discussed on this site. No colleges have picked her up yet but I hope some one notices the potential… BTW she beat kids going to Big D1 schools this fall.

I have never really posted race pics of my kids on here but, to any parents out there on the fence about Charlies methods working for kids- hell yeah they do. Not just that, kids love it for some reason.

She competed this weekend at the Arcadia Invitational Multi meet and scored a 4769. She won the hurdles (14.25) and LJ(5.76m) and was second in the 200M (25.22). She was actually in the lead until the 6th event. But her throws and 800M still need work.

Here are some highlight videos from the Arcadia Multi this weekend:

Girls Heptathlon 100m Hurdles Section 1 - Arcadia Multis

Girls Heptathlon 200m Section 2 - Arcadia Multis 2015

Girls Heptathlon Long Jump Flight 2 Round 1 - Arcadia Multis 2015 (forward to 5:30 min)

Here are few action photos from this past weekend:

Great to hear from you nycjay01. Good work with your daughter as well. What is your high jump? SHe is clobbering the girls in the 200. Does she want to go somewhere for school and run track as well?

Those are some pretty serious marks in her better events! Also curious about her HJ myself.


You have every reason to be very proud. She is a great athlete!

This was her first outdoor meet. I hope things keep improving. Her high jump is ok 5" to 5’3". But she rarely does throws or high jump.

Angela as far as schools go she just wants to to run in college but she wants to be some where warm :slight_smile:

I’d be curious to see what a sample week and or speed session looks like.
How long is her warm up for example in minutes?
Are you doing all the power speed drills? WHich ones do you do?
Has she been doing much med ball and or box jumps?
What do you feel are her greatest strengths?
What if any lifting is she doing?

1hr 30mmin warm up

50m skips forward/backwards/left/right with 50m jogs between each skip
leg swings etc
Drills (a/b skips a/b runs)
Static stretch
sometimes hurdle walkovers if we can

for hurdle warm up on race/speed days:
hurdle skips trail leg/lead leg w/5hurdles
3x1 step between hurdles 3m apart 5h
3x 3 step between hurdles 6m apart (as fast as possible between - 8m run up to first hurdle- 5 steps) 5h
If we have time we do a 2 resisted runs with a rubber tubing
and forum dont have a panic attack - over speed for 10m then fly in to 15-20m (she loves this by the way)
Rest 20min
2x2h from block
Rest 20min

I try to keep her lifting the basics (squat/bench/GH raises/lat pull downs)

Might not make sense but that is what she likes to do…

A/B skips almost every work out.
She’s mostly a power type person. being naturally muscular/powerful is her greatest asset- it’s almost an unfair advantage over most HS girls but them is the breaks. Makes everything much easier when the strength is always there.

Right now we’re doing the following (but it might change)




EFE runs
50m sprints from stand
Block starts over 2x3h


SE (anywhere from 250-80 sub max OR 12 hurdles 2x@ 8m apart 30" hieght)


No Plyos with so many jumps and hurdles I think it would be over kill.
In the fall we did a little more med ball and it was a mix of hop throw/and imitation jav and shot(when she rembers)
We dont do any med ball throws outdoors

Mix of
Spanish food (rice beans meat and salad)
wholesome normal food
And This is too funny when it comes time to go to big meets she cuts out the junk and has shakes LOL that is her cutting diet
good amount of water thru out the day

Multi mineral (she said she knocks out when she takes it)
protein shakes


Congrats on your daughter’s performances! It is great to hear that she is having lots of success. I have no doubt that she will find a spot at a warm weather school. I’ll keep my ears open and if I hear anyone is looking I will point them your way!