Progressing GPP - 1 Year from 15s to 12s

After 1 year following GPP basics i reduced 3 seconds in my 100m PB,
1 year ago my PB was about 15.0s,
now, i´m round 12.0s,
remember that i have 26yo and started run just 1 year ago.
Actualy, my program is:

Start from Blocks ( 10x20m + 10x30m )

Speed Endurance ( 1x300m 50s + 1x200m 30s + 1x150m 20s + 1x110m 15s + 1x100m fast as i can )
Uperbody: 5x50 Run Moves with hand weights 5kg/11lb each + 5x16 push-ups at high speed.

Rest ( walking/jogging/stretching )

Speed Work ( 4x40m VMax + 6x30m VMax )

Hill Work ( 6x100m 15s about about 15to18 degree climb )

Uperbody: Weight session with progressive high weights ( 6reps/5reps/4reps/3reps each group )

Rest ( basketball/walking/jogging/stretching )

Any tip/suggestion ?


The accels and maxv volumes seem quite high. Why are you doing over 500m. in your accel sessions and over 600m. in your maxv sessions?

Hi Aln, tks for the advices,
actually you´re right about Accels volumes,
i said 10x20 + 10x30 but the correct program is 10x20 + 6x30 ( 380m ).
About Vmax, the present program is under 600m as you can see 440+630 (340m ).

Yesterday i got the last modifications for Speed Endurance sessions;
for the first weeks i did: 1x300m 50s + 1x200m 30s + 1x150m 20s + 1x110m 15s + 1x100m ( 860m ).
now, with the modifications: 1x200 30s + 1x150m 20s + 2x110m 15s + 2x100m 13s ( 770m ).


You’re not counting the accel zones, assuming you’re accelerating 30m. in each of those flying 30’s and 40’s you are doing more then 600 meters.

Oh yeah, of course, but its counts ?

Yes, the accel zones count into the total volume of the sessions. 10 flying runs in a single session is a ton, just look at all the other training journals. It’s also been covered numerous times in the sprint training section of the forum. BTW I love the big cat in your pic, awesome! :eek:

Agree about the big cat :), awsome pic dude.

Litle changes;

Monday: Speed Endurance
3x200m + Yx110m ( Y because it depends how i´m feeling after 3x200m, if feeling good=more than 1x110, if bad, just one shot )

Tuesday: Hill Work
6x100m ( ± 14.0s ) Asphalt ( tarmacadam ) surface

Wednesday: Weights
High Weights Low Reps
Bench, Inclined Bench, Rowing Back, Power Clean, Bisceps, Trisceps.
Squat, 1/2 Squat, Jump Squat, Leg Curl Dorsi & Plantar.

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Start / ACC / Speed
8x10m ( From Block )
5x30m ( From Block )
3x50m ( Block )
2x60m ( Block )
1x80m ( Block )

Box Jumps ( 32" )

Rest Day

Does anyone could please tell me what´s happen here ?
( About my times, what they say…)
And which way should i take ?
( Where is my weakness and oppportunitys ? )

My PB are below ( all they performed during trains ):
[i]- 1st number is distance

  • 2nd is my times to cover the distance ( hand times measured by my self )
  • 3rd is velocity ( in meters per second )
  • 4th is % from my times versus ( over ) World Record for the distance[/i]

Distance Time speed (m/s) % over WR
30m 4.50s 6.67m/s 18.4% ( 3.8s )
40m 5.81s 6.88m/s 25.2% ( 4.64s )
50m 6.50s 7.69m/s 16.9% ( 5.56s )
60m 7.94s 7.56m/s 24.2% ( 6.39s )
80m 10.22s 7.83m/s 27.4% ( 8.02s )
100m 12.53s 7.98m/s 28.1% ( 9.78s )
110m 14.13s 7.78m/s 31.4% ( 10.75s )
150m 19.28s 7.78m/s 30.8% ( 14.73s )
200m 27.22s 7.35m/s 40.8% ( 19.32s )

As we can see, my 40m is very poor…
My 100m average speed is better than 80m !!??
My 150m average speed is equal 110m !!??
My 150m is almost equal 80m !!??
And my 200m is just horrific.
Well, what could be a good “prescription” ?
Speed Endurance train ?
Max V train ?
Acc ?

Thank you for read my post and help.

Well, today was one of the most enjoyable day training for me…
2 days ago, i woke-up with a little pain ( sore ) in my throat, so, i prefered not train that day.
Last day, i woke-up a little better so, i went to weight room.
I lifted my usual high weights at low reps without any difficulty, but at night, my intestine starts to killing-me…diarrea !!! I´m not sure but i think it happens because my mix of protein powders ( 1/4 of whey for 3/4 of soy )…
Well, today i woke-up worst than yesterday, but as the day was passing i was felling better so, lets train !!!
Ok, i cut off Creatine for today, and just bring to me 10ml of Amino´s and 1 Banana.

  • Basic warm-up ( about 40 minutes including some stretching exercises and drills to rise temperature ).
    Then wearing spikes i went to track,
    after 3 progressions ( about 50 meters each ) i took my clock and start a 200m shot, i tryied to run without think, just letting my body run…
    after 150m i started to fight against my legs…well, then i start to think:
    Fast and stronger, keep it up !! Fast and stronger keep it up !!
    26.12s !!! 179 BPM !!!
    Well, maybe sounds a little slow but, let me remember that my ex-PB for this distance was 27.22s, so, i reduced my PB in more than 1.0s, actualy i reduced 1.1s !!! 6 months ago, my times for 200m was around 30.0s…
    Then, after 10 minutes walking to recovery, i went to middle mark between 200m and 100m and start a 150m shot, just to give some speed endurance…
    Well, 19.00s !!! 173 BPM, new PB !!!
    My ex-PB was 19.28s.
    To finish my day, i did one more 150m shot, but this time, thinking only in technique and forget times…well, it was good too, 20.09s, without fighting !!
    Well, after this wonderful day train, i don´t know what think about diseases…diarrreas…or creatine.

Well, after 1 year training myself alone…
Next week i´ll start to train with a coach.
He is a ex-sprinter and now he is the best sprint coach in my city, he is level II IAAF especialized in Speed & Hurdles.
I talked a lot with him today showing my actual and past planing.
I have to say that it was much more easy talk to him than write here because he speak portuguese too.
So, i´ll try to put here all the works and news about this new fase of my career.
The formation of his group is:

  • 3 Guys that run under 11.0s, one of them is a 19 Youht that seted 10.79s at age 17, other 2 are running between 10.6 and 11.0s.
  • 2 Girls that run between 12.0s and 13.0s both 18y/o.
  • 1 guy in 110m hurdle.
  • 3, 4 guys that run over 11.0s.
  • 1 guy that is one of the best Race Walkers of my country.
    Tomorrow is gonna be my “last” train day alone…so, i´ll try maintain some focus at my start works ( block works ).
    Well, i have to confess that i´m very anxious for this “new fase”.
    I can´t submit this thread without tell that the coachs here have a “hard life”
    i´ll pay US$ 7.00 ( i said 7 dollars ) a month. Can you believe that ?

Around here, that woud buy you a big mac and some fries.

Flying, what country are you in? Brazil?

Well, be free to come here visit me anytime ok ?
The fly tickets are very cheap this time of the year.
Btw,ALN, i don´t know if AHGCHILE already talked to you about our South America CF Members Group idea.
In time: Let´s forget the soccer rivalry between our countries, ok.

Ok, i´m gonna share with you a “problem” that i´m having with this coach thing…I don´t know how you guys and coachs handle this kind of conflict am living:
Here is an example to illustrate it;
last wednesday, the coach come and said to “sprinters”:

  • Today will be a Jump Train session…
    So, i thought: No problem, probabily a plyometric session…
    Nope !!! more a cold session of jumps or a warm-down jump sessions…
    It was 8 guys, at Long Jump Track waiting one for one the next jump to the sand box…so, in about 1 hour i did only 4 jumps, all those badly and “full of” injuries jeopardy ( 10º Celsius that day ).
    Well, all i can say is that was my worst Plyo session this year.
    I remember read in Speed Trap Charlie saying that he was given more attention ( and more time ) for Ben in some period.
    Ok, i´m not a Ben Johnson but hey ?!?! I want to be a good sprinter and i´m not sure if this Group Training Idea will be positive for my development.

Well, maybe i have to change the Topic Thread Name to
Progressing GPP - 1 Year from 33.0s to 25.82s…
Today was amazing, or almost…
Last night i watched on TV 1996 Atlanta Olympics and i saw Michael Johnson setting the WR for 200m 19.32s.
Man, it was umbelievable !!!
But, the most important thing about this is that i saw for the first time how fast they ( 200m runners ) start and how fast they run first 100m.
Since i started train, i was running the 1st 100m at 80% and then trying to run 2nd part as fast as i can, but the times wasn´t slowing.
So, today, i woke-up thinking run as fast as i can since beggining from 200m.
I went to track mentalizing this and after a good warm-up ( 40 minutes including stretching ) i did my first shot for 200m.
25.82s !!! Very good !! My PB was 26.12s and about 13 months ago i was incapable of run 200m under 32s, so, i dropped my 200m PB more than 7 seconds in 13 months.
Tk god !!!

Well, after all…
Started to train with main focus on relaxation, feeling, running…
Today, i did my first Tempo Session, actualy it is my only Tempo Session;
I did 10 x 100m walk rest + 30s to relax until the point;
times between 13 and 15s
with 3 of them between 13s and 14s
6 times between 14s and 14.8s
and a unic 15flat
So, what should i think about this ?
My rests was much than i needed ?
The times could be indicating that i´m a 200m or a medium distance runner ?
My concentration was not only in running and sprints !?
Probabily it´s because i ran wearing conventional shoes :smiley:

Is your coach using the some of the princibles from CTFS? Maybe you should tell him how you want to train. If he wont help you… Well train yourself or find someone who will help you train how you think works best. Your training seems to be working for you right now so keep it up! are you in the US?

Yes, definitely, my coach is using some princibles from CFTS,
because, i don´t have a coach, i am my own coach, since the beggining.
Well, unfortunately i´m not american, actualy, i´m a mixed blood south american, i mean, a white skin black inside ( sometimes outside too ).
As i don´t have that “3rd eye” to watch me while running, i can tell you why my times aren´t better yet, could be’cause i´m starting to run relaxed just now, after all those time i spent in “physical” exercises,
or could be my poor technique.
I can tell you, that i´m working this two things every day.
I´ll post the results after some days-on ok ?!

C ya

I’m a beginner myself, but I think according to Charlie tempo runs like 10x100m (or more) should be run for recovery and general fitness at <75% - meaning if you’re a 12.00 secs runner at about 16-18 secs and only walkback recovery 60-80 secs probably (in your “conventional” shoes even on grass). If it’s too easy for you do something like 8x200 with double the rest.

If you practise technique speed training do it at sprinting speed like 90% and faster but less overall distance and much longer recovery.
Probably 4x100 at around 13 secs or below with 10min recovery.

If I’m telling you crap somebody please correct me…