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Hey guys, im currently training to get back into soccer. After a year out with knee problems im finally ready to return.

I weigh 220lbs and im 6ft tall. I dont really want to put a weight on it, but id like to get to around 200lbs. Not sure on body fat % but i’ll post a pic below.

The routine ive devised is:

Monday: Upper Body/Power Day
Incline Press
BB Overhead Press

Tuesday: Tempo 80m x 20

Wednesday: Speed/Legs
AM: Sprints max 500m total i.e. 50m x 10
DB Walking Lunges (40m)

Calf Raise

Tempo 80m x 20

Friday: Back
Partial deadlifts/cleans
BB Curl

Sat: Tempo (same as thursday)

Sun: 40mins steady state cardio.

My aims are to drop some body fat, increase speed and hold onto my muscle. Any input would be appreciated. Im getting weekly massages, using glutamine and extra protein 250g a day in order to aid recovery and help with the fat loss

fire away :slight_smile:

I’d say about 23% bf


On a serious note, how long do you have to train before you want to be playing again (season’s start,etc)?

lol, its something ive thought quite a bit about. Ive had a few offers to play this season (without kicking a ball) But i would rather get myself to 90% + in terms of speed, strength etc… i dont see the point of returning early and being subpar.

I was thinking march time could be realistic, either then or wait until next season (august)

Be carefull on your speed day. Dont necessarily wory about total meters. Focus more on how you feel with the sprints. 50m 10 times is a lot for someone just gettine back into it. I would go less distance at first and build when you know your body is ready.

Also I think squat would be better for you than deadlift. with he squat you are getting a better hamstring hip flexion which would be real good for a soccer player. So would replace deadlift with squat, and take away squating on tuesday.

Take out the calf raises. you are getting plenty of calf training when you run.

hey, thanks for the input, apprecited man. yeah i was just using distance as a guideline (think it was a q&a with charlie on t-mag?) but i hear what your saying on the getting back into it.

Cool, everything makes sense squat and calf wise, will make those changes.

One other question, would it be better to do my lunges before or after my sprints on the wednesday?

thanks Ron

I would do lunges after. you want to focus completly on running and should feel loose. I would do the squat/ lunge workout after you get done sprinting. It would be good for you Wed workout. Example… 20squats,40lunges, 20 each leg, then 19squats, 38 lunges, 19 each leg…then so on down. I would only go to 17 your first time. the workout gets a tough.

your knee will tell u when, but the work load is to intense for early return,relax.

try 100 metre at 75% 6 of them… get the feel
of placing impact shock on that knee…

recovery… 6 min… weights stay away…

its better that u go dynamic that standing infront of a mirror looking pretty.