Program details

I just had a thought - a rare occurance :smiley:
that if each member had their schedule available to view either in a thread or maybe concise and updated on their profile quite a lot could be learned from comparisons -
plus it would make it easier for the more learned coaches giving advice - saving the time honoured reply ’ if u could post ur schedule … etc ’
Well that was the thought for this year - you can all relax now :wink:

Good idea. Maybe once a week we could highlight a forum member, and if they want, the person could post a workout or training ideas, etc.

Great idea Gloopzilla-now everybody will see how little work we actually do.

Your first.


Dammit - I’m an armchair sprinter who’s been found out :stuck_out_tongue: - I’m a sofa surfer too

I’ll go first then and post my FAST methodology ( Fat Arse Slow Twitch ) later

Hey! That’s MY program! Credit where credit’s due. Make sure to alternate hands when operating the remote and rotate the chip dish to keep in balance.

Charlie, when using the remote on recovery days, do you flip through the channels slower than usual to stay in the lower intensity range? :smiley:

Hey Guys,

Herb has been posting his training schedule at:

And I have been posting my training for the football combines at:

So there is no need to be shy…jump in, the water’s fine!


I’m game even though the water is under 1 foot of snow here! I like the thought of having the forum hold some of us accountable to our training and goals. I’m still in a base training phase. At the end of December I found this forum and my sprinting juices started flowing again. I had spent the previous 13 months training in the gym body building type routine (3x10reps)(4 day/wk avg.) and running 5k (2 times/week).

After recieving advise from the forum to lower my reps and increase the weight, I did just that. Unfortunately it took me 65 days to complete 5 “weekly” cycles. I find it difficult to workout 6 d/w (self employed, wife, baby )
I will post my last “week”

Bench Press 1@230lb, 1@225, 1@220
(didn’t guess at the correct weight making the change from Iso-press machine to barbells)
Incline BP 3 @170lb (stop exhasted)

Back Squats 0@280lb, 0@275lb, 0@270lb.
(very weak today previous week did 2@285lb, 2@280lb, 2@270lb) ((reps are so low because I was trying to find the correct weight for 3x5 reps and not having much luck!)s?
Single Leg Extension (Hammerstrength)
0@55lbs, 5@25lbs, 5@35lbs
(changed gyms and had difficulty finding correct weight)
Smith Machine Rear lunges
Warmup only 5@65lb, 5@100lbs. Stop because exhausted from squat??

Tempo on snow covered football field.
Didn’t run.

Seated Rows (Hammerstrength Iso)
Barbell Shrugs (reverse grip)
Standing Barbell Curls
Seated Alternate Hammercurls
Right - 2@50lbs, Left 1@50lbs
Jacknife situps

Behind the neck shoulder press
4@150lbs,4@155lbs, 2@160lbs.
Upright Rows
3@95lbs, 3@100lbs, 3@105lbs
Alternating Side Dumbell Raise
Right - 2@37.5lbs, 3@35lbs
Left - 1@37.5lbs, 2@35lbs
Barbell Wrist Curls
2x3@65lbs, 12@65lbs.
Reverse Wrist Curls
Incline Hip Raise
15reps, 11, 8
Tempo day - skipped again :frowning:

Front Squat
2x3@200lbs, 4@200lb
Seated leg Curls (Hammerstrength)
r-2x3@50lbs, 5@50lb
l-2x3@50lbs, 5@50lb
Straight Back Stifflegged Deadlifts
Seated Calf Raise
2x3@95lbs, 10@95lbs

Longwinded I know, and very humbling just typing this before posting.
I plan to take the next 10 days to complete 2 tempo runs and 5 gym workouts (3x12 reps) to recover from 5 “weeks” of heavy lifting.

I have no injuries and weigh 185lbs. @6’0"

don’t be shy :0


Hey Charlie - if u lose the remote u can always get a broom handle like Homer :smiley:
Or just yell for assistance or wait for people to walk past the tv like I do lol .

Anyway here’s what I was doin until I got bubonic plague 2 weeks back ( my first virus / illness for 18 months damn neices )
So I’m in the process of easing back into it - and will try and add some jump squats / complex training to acceleration days when I’m firing on all cylinders . I’m not proud as u will see .

Micro 5 week 4

Mon Gym
BB Weights - Warm up - drills - 4 - 6 x 30m starts / acc every other week
Bench - 4 - 3 - 3 - 2 - 2 pyramids
Power Cleans - 5 - 3 - 3
Shoulder press - 1 x 5
Deep squat - 1 x 5 ( very light - 60 - 80 kg )
Good mornings - 1 x 5 very light - up to 40kg max

Tues Gym tempo
Wed Track
Warm up - drills - medball wall throws - sets of 5 - 3 between track reps
3 Point Starts / Accelleration 3 x 40m 2 x 50m 95 % relaxed form runs
Flying 20’s
4 - 6 x 20’s from 50m 100%
3 x 3 vertical jumps into pit
3 x 20m pwr skips
3 x 3 standing long jumps into pit
3 x 3 diving med ball throws ( maaan that foam dust kills u )
Bi / tri curls - 1 x 5
Flies - 1 x 5
Reverse pullovers - 1 x 5
Back extensions - 1 x 5 All these are done very light and not if I’m tired

Thurs Gym tempo or off

Fri Track
Warm up - drills -medball wall throws - sets of 5 - 3 between track reps
Speed endurance - Presently 4 x 80m 100% from blocks
Bench Press - 3 - 2 - 2 to 85%
Power cleans - 3 x 3 @ 80%
Dead lift - 3 - 2 - 2 - 2 to 80%
Deep squat - 1 x 5 ( very light - body weight only )
Lat Pull Downs - 1 x 5
Reverse leg press - 3 x 3 @ 80%
Sat Off

Sun Gym & Track tempo

Every session includes 5- 600 reps of abs spread throughout
Weights build towards a new PB 2nd or 3rd week of cycle - which comes regular as clockwork -
start / acc + gym every other week .
Friday might look a bit ham crazee but I sort of judge it as I go and fri bench and PC’s are very easy and just get me in the groove - I always work my weakest lifts first as others seem to progress ok . I sometimes add auxileries like bi / tri curls to the warm up too but really just to warm up .
I try and give myself 6 - 12 minute recoveries for all track reps and this will increase for speed end which can be either on wed or fri .
Tempo is not always possible on tues or thurs but is always on sun

Personal file ( kinda like walking through the high st naked this )
Age 38
Training age - 9 months of speed
Weight - 82kg / 180lb height 6ft - approx 12-14% body fat but dropping
Weight pb’s
Bench 95kg
PC 70kg
Deadlift 150kg
Lat pull downs 75 kg
Shoulder Press 50 kg
Rev leg press 70 kg
These are the only lifts I feel safe to push to the limit

Titles haha!!! - under 13 GB southern schools 100m champ 1975 ( I think ) All down hill since then .
Recent PB’s
60m comp 7.8 secs HT Eeep!!! I’ve done far better in training but what’s the use of that lol
100/200m yet to find out in comp - I did 11.4 as a kid and that’s the target for now

Aims - to get to international standard for Masters m40

Obviously one or two posts from individuals isn’t gonna do much for anyone but - with a few to view maybe some sort of reference can be built - shame there’s not a more concise way of doing it .

Ok here’s mine. But I think mine is unfair as I am 8 days from my main competition.

Age - 29 (back and shoulders alot older)
Weight - 90kg
Height - 1.77m
Event - Hammer

Rundown of This weeks and planned next week.

Mon - Weights - Power Clean 2 x 4 x 60kg
- Jump Shrugs 2 x 6 x 60kg
- Barbell Swings 2 x 6 x 60kg

Tue - Throws - 8 x 7kg at 85%

Wed - REcovery

Thu - Throws - 4 x 7 + 6 kg at 85%

Fri - Recovery

Sat - Massage

Sun - Rest

Mon - Throws - 6 x 6kg at 80%
- Weights - easy technical snatch

Tues - 40 Easy jumps

Wed -

Thu - Competition Warm Up

Fri - Rest

Sat - Competition & Party

Sun - Recovery

It would be better for me to show what I do when I start doing it.

A usual week for me will soon be something like:

Speed, usually around 300 meters. Mostly 30s and 50-60s from lying down, falling, or real (but without blocks) starts;

or standing starts working on getting progressively faster and staying relaxed;

or a run with an 85% 20, floor it 20, concentrate on relaxing 20, floor it again 20.

Lower body core exercise:3 sets. 5 reps of an estimated 6 rep max. Then 4/3. Or 3 reps of an estimated 4 rep max. Then 2/1.
Bench-type core exercise:Same set and rep scheme
Back core exercise:Same set and rep scheme

Low-intensity day, usually 2 sets of 4150 tempo; or 1 set of 4150 combined with medicine ball and/or sledgehammer work and/or bodyweight exercises; or just lots of medicine ball and/or sledgehammer work and/or bodyweight exercises

Speed Endurance:
Weightroom: clean or snatch for three-six sets or so, 1-3 reps per set, usually 2 or 3.
Bench-type core exercise:Same set/rep scheme as Monday.
Med ball:volume, or whether I’m doing it at all will depend on what I was doing in the O lifts and of course quality of the throws.

Low-intensity day; same options as Tuesday


Same options as Monday

Low intensity day; same options as Tuesday or Thursday