Program crit

Hey, just wondering if i could get some feedback on my current program. I am not sure wether i should raise intensity on OL’s to match Pulls/Squats/Bench


I think you can raise the volume a bit and combine the 5 days into 3 days. Example.

Day 1
Power Clean
Full back Squat
Bench Press
Barbell Bent Over Row

Day 2
Front Squat
Rack Pulls
Seated row or Pulldown Variation

Day 3
Clean and Jerk
Full Back Squat or Box Squats
Push Variation (Ex.Incline Bench, Shoulder Press)
Posterior Chain Exercise (Ex.Glute hams, reverse hypers)
Seated row or Pulldown Variation

Throw in the Abs whenever.
Im just trying to give you a few ideas.

Yeh it was orginally going to be a 3 day split but i though i would experiment, i nearly turned into 2 lower and one upper.

Thanks for your input.