Problems stepping over


How do you get “extent your step” from stepping over?

I’m sure I can run 6.5s HT’s… but the top speed mechaniics is killing me…

i do ALOT of mobility and stretching… i am plenty strong in the weightroom… and my ass is getting back in shape… its getting big and sticking out like it used to be… its just that i dont know how to step over…

What can I do about it ? its KILLING my race…

thanks… as you can see, im frustrated :slight_smile:

It doesn’t magically fix itself in 1 or 2 training sessions. You can’t expect to go from 7.5 to 6.5 in a season or 7.5 to 6.8 or anything else. Take it one step at a time, focus on one or two things and work on perfecting those before trying to address every single thing each workout.


6.5x ht is 6.84 fat

Thought it was about half a second ?
so if I can do consistent 6.8s (dont think i ever went higher than 6.90 ht even after hours of plyos) i should be at around 7.2 for 60 and 11.2-11.3 for 100 ?

I’m guessing you want a 6.6 HT to run 11.00 ?

Everybody share your HT-FAT experience /…

sounds like you might have Quad tightness issues - i would start looking there, and around there - ie, hip flexors next??

could be… maybe thats also the reason why my right pattella tendon hurts in the full squat position ?

Charlie says its better to add around half a second, personal experience comfirms this, and so do experiences of people Ive talked to.

Technique is developed progressionaly, at least in my experience. Start stretching everyday, all muscles, do your all your drills properly, more sets, and longer distances. Use tempo and increase speed until you hit sub maximal speeds to work on form. And of course you’re getting stronger, therefore progressionaly you will improve your form. Using tempo/sub maximal runs, one by one work on small technical things, one at a time!

thanks for reminding me the basics… I actually have a pretty good program… it’s just that a set of overuse\overtraining injuries is keeping me from doing all the workouts … (patella pain, toe humb inflammation, low back tightness…)

I probably haven’t done a real deload week in months… PROBABLY 6 months of hard CNS training STRAIGHT.

Oh boy, i’m expecting to discover whole new abilities after this deload.

dude - be careful with this, they can be hard to fix if you dont be careful. They can take a long long time to fix if you let it get real bad. Get on top of it now, before it gets bad.

Thanks man, it doesnt bother my running or even heavy box squatting… i only feel it when i do free full squats … ill just rest it out and stretch everything

you will find Total rest is bad
weights should be fine - perhaps back of the Max low reps for a bit and up the reps for a month or two?? Patella problems i have found tend to get worse from high repetitions - not gym reps but long run reps, bike riding and that sort of reps.
Massage it
Tens it
Acupuncture it etc etc
Whilst your doing that to your knee - get it done to your Quads - then if you got time, hammies, glutes calfs etc
Get your G/friend to massage, even if she dont know how, at least its something.