Problem with stride frequency?

I seem to be having problems with my stride frequency. I have pretty short legs (I’m 5’5) and other people including my coach aswell as myself have noticed that my stride freq. seems to be pretty slow…sometimes slower than people who have longer legs than me. As a consequence I really suffer in races between the 10-40M mark where people usually pull away, where I then seem to be able to hold the gap but not really close it. Watching other shorter sprinters they seem to have the best acceleration compared to taller athletes, but unfortuantly it seems to be my weakest point! My coach has fixed my problem of overstriding which used to be a hamper me quite a bit. What could the problem be? Sometimes I think im simply not aggresive enough with my technique and concentrate too much on form. Any suggestions?

You should maybe think of uploading a video.

are you tense when you run? they say you are suppose to run relaxed because otherwise the speed and frequency of your contractions will be hampered by not allowing opposite muscles to work together, like hitting the gas and the brakes at the same time in a car. really tightening up has had noticiable effects on my stride frequency at times…

Thanks for the replies, I will get a video up as soon as I can. As for running tense that might be one of the problems, though I find that if I relax too much I slow down and run slower than I would if i ran hard. I’ll try and relax more and see if I get any better results.

mark, i no exactly what u mean. finding the balance between running relaxed, but still running at full effort is tough