Problem with meet director!

I have been planning for months on running in the NCCWMA masters meet in Clermont, Florida next week.

I tried to enter online, but it kept refusing me to navigate through all the pages. I finally emailed the meet director a couple of days before the deadline and made him aware that I was for sure going to be there, but was having trouble entering online.

He eventually emailed me back and told me to fax in an entry form, then told me I was too late. (“The schedule has already been made and sent to the NTC”…)

I made them aware well before the deadline that their site had problems, and that I wanted to enter FOR SURE. I faxed in the info a few days later (sorry, I was in central Arkansas, email and fax services were limited!) and get told I can’t enter.

I think I’m going to show up anyway, and they can tell me when I’m there that I can’t compete. I thought computers were supposed to serve the athletes and meet organizers, not the other way around!

Did I not do enough? Does anyone know anybody down at the NTC? If I can’t get in, I’ve been training by myself all summer for nothing.



It looks like I’m screwed. The meet director said he sent the entries to the WMA, who then produced the list of heats / lane assignments.

So, I contacted the WMA. They passed the buck to each other for seven days, then I called one of the members, who claims he emailed me (but didn’t) stating “the meet director has the final say, and its too late now anyway.” Yes it is- because you did nothing for a week.

The lesson here for me is of course, “Don’t leave entering the meet to the last two days.” I made the mistake of assuming goodwill in the governing body / meet director. It it their fault, but I’m still not allowed to compete. Two months and about 200 hours of training, all for nothing! There isn’t even another meet I could run in.

I peaked basically to be a volunteer at the NCCWMA registration table! Watch out, I’ll be handing people their race bibs at World Record levels.