Pro Camps

Was wondering if anyone can help me out.
I have anthlete- he has some Eurorpean Football offers he has the CFL draft and camp coming up in couple months. He was the number one receiver in the CIS ( Canadian University) - BIG GUY - 6ft 4 220 runs 7.02 for the 60m and 22.65 for the 200.

What I am looking for is pro camp NFL Information or even NFL combine.

thanks in advance

These guys sent me some mail at the end of this past season, they seem to bring in alot of arena/cfl type scouts. I didn’t get to sign up because I blew my ACL and decided to use my 5th year…
I’m planning on using this combine to get myself noticed. These are supposed to be legit combines, but anything “free agent” is going to be tough to get noticed from. You just gotta blow them up, and have a great day. They do have the Elite combine, if you qualify. The numbers don’t seem too tough to do that.

I agree scout camp has had good sucess with traditionally under represented players especially in the CFL and Arena league. this will be the second year for the elite combine but it is a good way to focus on lesser known players with great measureables.