Private Messages

I have a private message but i can’t open it. I’ve never had this problem before. Anyone know why?

I got one from someone (forget who) 3 weeks ago that I am unable to access. I have tried delting it but get a message that says no PM exists. :confused:

Are any other members experiencing this problem?

As a simple fix, you may want to clean your mailboxes up a bit.

Let me know,

how do you mean? When I try and delete it I get this message.

Invalid Private Message specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster

I got one from someone who I think at the time was sort of halfway banned as we were able to see he was posting, but not what he was posting and I have been unable to delete that one. Now I cannot even see the message, just that there was a message two weeks ago and when I try to delete it it says invalid PM specified.

That is what happened in my case. I can’t remember who it was (It was a name with sprint or speed in it I think)
but I do remember that the person would show as posting in a thread but I could never see the post.
I have the same as above.

Hey Guys,

When a member gets his/her walking papers all PM’s go stale (although you can still see them in your inbox).

This is a known issue and is something on our list of things to do.

Beyond that, keep on enjoying~!