Over recent unsuccesful years my supplementation program has been orientated toward the performance on race day, usual suspects like sodium phosphate and caffiene based drink(arent they all) and befour the season has really began there go’s a hamstring or something else. This year i wish to change that and actually servive a season and run well. can anyone direct me as to a good supplement programe that lays down a solid foundation to aide repair and recovery. :help:

STAY OFF THE CAFFEINE! they can leave you dehydrated and weak after the “buzz” effects wear off.

Yeah Yeah I’ve heard caffiene is no good.

But I’m at work nearly a sleep and I need coffee.

I was told by somebody that a study was done which showed eating an apple does more fo rwaking you up the coffee. I no way of knowing if this is correct or not.

I generally cook meals that last 2 or 3 days. I also prepare chicken burgers, made from real food and freeze them they take 5-10 minutes to prepare and with a salad a pretty good meal.

Apples take way to long to digest, When taken befour training or racing it can leed to stomach cramps.
What are your general plans for supplementation as a whole i.e. protein, glutamine, hmb, ribose esdy-sterone do these make a good foundation and if so what time scales do you recomend taking them for with in the training year.

In regards to apples - I struggle and feel physically ill if I eat an apple on an empty stomach (pretty much the same with water)

As far a supplementation goes now I take a multi vitamin, coenyzme Q10 and glucosamine. These seem to be helping general well being.

Have previously taken other supps, including creatine (which increased my weights - or helpped).

nightmares current supplements:

solaray spectro multi/vin 3 caps 2Xper day
800 iu vitmain E
200mg caffine tab chewed pre workout
2 scoops surge post workout
bio-test ZMA
bio-test t2 pro new formula(i have 5 bottles of the old formula stashed that i will start using 1 month on 1 month off in april)
evolution foods innergy powder probiotic
champion or natural sport creatine
2-4 tablespoons udo’s oil

use some combination of these everyday:
labrada low carb mrps
bio test low carb grow mrp
labrada proplete

and i use biotest powerdrive before games.

i would look into ribose, hmb, ecdy-sterone (sp) and their effects. they make make a small difference, but are probably not worth the $$$. all those supplements are really pricey.

for recovery and repair, think check out my thread on micro-stretching…


Just out of curiosity, why the T2?

I believe I have read a study that said caffiene wasnot a diuretic (but, cannot remember where - probably an old bodybuilding magazine).

Even that is a concern - then just drink extra water.

My main concerns with caffiene: how it affects sleep; the post-caffiene crash; affect of insulin sensitivity.


Do you use a generic fat burning product, or just ephedrine?


Yeah, when I said generic, I was meaning a brand like, Ripped Fuel, etc.

See my goal is to get to 6 or 7% BF. I am just trying to gather as much info as I can.

Use Only coffee- caffeine tabs can cause a positive test.

Only in some cases Charlie. The difference between Caffine tabs and Coffee is the absorbsion rate. You still need to take around 5 or 6 No-doz to test positive depending on the size and metabolism of the athlete.