Prilepin's Table for ME

We do a modified WS4SB, but have been using Prilepen’s table for the ME lifts. We recently raised the %s a little bit, but now we are going to rotate between 3 X 6 at 75% and 4X3 at 85-90% of 1rm. What are your thoughts on this?

I also have some questions about true ME lifting. It seems that most people work up to one set at a max weight for a set number or reps. Doesn’t this setup leave you short of enough heavy reps according to the table?

you may want to keep ur max strength work btw 1-3 reps depending on how old the athletes are.

If you can track down David Woodhouse (DavidW from the forum here), I believe he would be the most help here. I don’t know very many people who really get Prilepin’s charts. Anybody remember his website?

too much confusion all that 3rm max crap.

Not sure how extensively you’ve looked into this Coachf, but here’s an article on prilepin’s charts:

I am working with HS and some MS kids here, ages 14-18. The MS won’t do much ME.

Thanks for the help. Keep it coming. I’ll do some looking.

I’ve read that one. Thanks.

Figured that. I’ll see if I can dig up DW’s stuff for you and anything else I can find.

since you working with young athletes i would keep the reps 3-5 but more in the 5 range for max strength. your numbers look good, u should post a sample week.

Another recommendation is “Practical Programming” by Kilgore and Rippetoe. I haven’t picked it up yet (planning on it), but I’ve heard it’s excellent and a bit more user friendly, especially for developing athletes.

Aren’t Prillepin Charts used for Olympic lifting and Dynamic Effort work, not ME stuff?
This is what I got from Joe Kenn’s “The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook” — you may want to take a look at that boo, because he provides extensive usage of %ages and Prileping charts!

hope it helps

no, i think they can be use for max strength also.

Anyway, why do you base your workouts on %ages? They are fast improving athletes…

In ME, according to WSB, they build up toward 100+% then unload to 90% and do 3-4 more sets (for 1-2reps).
You can also use waves (Bulgarians):
85% 90% 95% 100% 105% 90% 95% 100% 105% 110% etc etc

Percentages may be little low for ME work??? Don’t know, I am asking too :slight_smile:

he give numbers for 80-90+ sounds like max strength to me.







Hmmm… but look at lower percentages and number of optimal reps per set:
For example: 55-65% (3-6 reps per set) (Kenn, 2003). Kenn used them for Explosive Tier (Total Body — Olys) and DE stuff…
My opinion is that Prilepin table was born by analysing loads/reps/total reps of succesfull olympic lifters in olympic lifts! But I could be wrong!

yes ur right they were for ol’s but many use them for max effort just as guide. they seem to work pretty good.

This is the best I can do for a sample right now. Can’t attach an excel spreadsheet. The aren’t listed they vary, but are sufficient I believe. Hopefully this makes sense.

Workout 1 - Lower (heavy)
1a. Leg Lifts (4"-16" controlled) = 1 X 34

1b. Partner Med ball twist = 1 X 28

1c. Decline Situp = 1 X 23

  1. Lateral Box Jump - 2 X 5 each way
  • clean landing each rep

3a. ME Squat(get parallel!) - Work to 3X6rm
3 workup sets, then 3X6 at ~ 75% of 1rm

3b. ABCs - do between heavy squat sets

4a. Good Morning or RDL - 2 X 8

4b. 4 way neck, 1 X 10 each way

  1. Box Step up, 2X8 each leg

  2. Manual Leg Curl, 1 X 12 each way

1 LAP cool down
Static stretch ham, quads, and groin
Coach Sign:

Workout 2 - UPPER (RE)
1a. Hanging Leg Lift - Beat / Set record

1b. Crunch - 1 set of 75
1c. Superman = 1 X 35 secs (low back)

2a. Linear Box Jump or hang clean - 3X5

  • clean and quiet landing

3,5a. Chinup - 6 sets of ? Reps - try to
accumulate a lot of total reps

3b. Plyo Pushups - 3 X 5

  1. RE Bench (3 Sets - *Chart total reps record)

5b. Seated DB clean, 2 X 15

1 LAP cool down
Static stretch ham, quads, and groin
Coach Sign:

Workout 3 - Lower (light/med)
1a. Roman Chair (Low back) - 3 X 10

1b1. Plank = 1 X 60 s

1b2. Slow Penguin = 24 each way

  1. Linear SQUAT Box Jump - 3-4 X 5
  • squat to parallel, then explode up

3a. 4 way neck, 1 X 10 each way
3b. Dead Lift - feel elevated
3c. Ankle flexility - in/out/toe/heel/

  1. 1 leg squat - front foot elevated,
    3X8 each leg

ABCs - 1 time each ankle

1 LAP cool down
Static stretch ham, quads, groin
Coach Sign:

Workout 4 - Upper (ME)
1a. Partner Lateral Crunch = 1 X 14 each

1b. Partner Med Ball Situp = 1 X 22

1c. Jack knifes, 1 X 38

  1. Linear Box Jump or hang clean - 3 X 5

3a. ME Bench(SEE Below) - Work to 3X6rm
Get at least 3 workup sets

3b. ABCs - do between heavy sets

4a. Bent Over Row, 4 X 8

4b2. Dips - 2 X max reps (use big box if you
can’t do your body weight)

4b2. Seated DB clean - 2 X 12

1 LAP cool down
Static stretch ham, quads, and groin
Coach Sign:

  • ME WORK: Keep the same weight for either 3 sets of 6 or for 4 sets of 3. Record only the weight you can complete with good form for every set.
  • You will still need / want to perform some warmup sets. Preventing injury is always your main priority.
  • Use about 75% or your 1rm for 3 X 6 and use about 85% of your 1rm for 4 X 3.
    Sample for a 6 rep ME squat if 1RM is 245: Workup = 1 X 6 with bar, 1 X 6 w/95, 1 X 6 w/145. 3 X 6 with 185 (CHART RESULTS)
    Sample for a 3 rep ME squat if 1RM is 245: Workup = 1 X 5 w/bar, 1 X 5 w/95, 1 X 5 w/155, 4 X 3 w/ 210 (CHART RESULTS)
  • If you can only get in 3 workouts, do lifts 3 and 4 from workouts 3 and 4.

Thanks for cleating the stuff :slight_smile: