Previously Ordered Items (download store)

Can we access them somehow? I’ve lost my old hard drive and hope not to have to re-purchase them.


I had exactly the same problem, a while ago.

Do you guys, in the store, keep records? How far back do they go?

All purchases are recorded by the soft ware I use in Fetch , Shopify or PayPal.
I would not have any records prior to moving the site a few years ago this fall.
If someone does not save their purchase and back up their hard drive you have lost access to it. ( technically)
I will be looking at housing products so customers have access regardless of whether you backed up your hard drive or saved your favorites onto a memory stick or disk. ( a place like YouSendit provides personal access in this way… )
I am more or less a one person show here now.
If you send me a note and tell me what is going on and what you purchased I will take some time and do my best to get back to you in a timely fashion.
Currently I urge people to save their purchases so I can spend time keeping the site going and growing it as well.
Thanks for your questions and understanding as well.