preseason training

i was how many speed days you have doing the fall, would it be 2 or 3…

this is a midseason week for us at lacrosse.

mon: 3-4x300 at 45-47 6min walk
tue: block starts/relay work
wed: relay passes 50%
6x150 in 22 5min walk
thur: 15min blk work
light accelerations/2x120 14 6min walk
fri: premeet light blk work

this is from 2004 outdoor for 100-200 guys

what bout u

Lacrosse - Speed is calculated at less than 7 seconds. The workouts you have listed is Speed Endurance, whish would be more valuable in Lacrosse.

Try for your speed sessions 2-4 sets of 20-30m with maximum rest.

lol… university of wisconsin lacrosse…