Preparing to fast

For religious puroposes I have to fast 24 hours, no food no drink. Any suggestion for what I should eat the next 3 hours to prepare for the fast. Also would a little bit of tempo running have a negative effect on my well being during the fast or a positive one.

This is just gained from theory but…lots of fats and protein both to maintain blood sugar and help any protein synth necessary, ie. slow release into blood… If muscle recovery is necessay ie. strenuous exercise has been performed in the last day, maintainance of muscle glycogen may also help…to help maintain muscle glycogen take low glycaemic carbs. If using tempo take high glycaemic carbs immediately after the tempo and then the fats protein and low GI carbs just before the fast. The high GI carbs after tempo will help quickly increase glycogen resynth and the low glycaemic carbs will then possibly finish the job…perhaps don’t do too much tempo…2000m tops? Hope you can fit it all in. Thoughts?

Thanks alot Richard. I’m thinking about doing 1000 meters tempo tops and stretching. I was wondering though if the tempo by increasing blood flow would help me go through the fast easier or make it more painful. I have to start fasting in like 2 hours. I didn’t do any exercise yesterday.If you don’t mind, what are some high glycaemic carbs? thanks for the help.

Don’t worry about increased blood flow. The only likely response from tempo that matters will be the increased muscle uptake of sugars from the blood but the protein and fats and adipose tissue will help maintain your blood sugar. High GI carbs: glucose, maltodextrin, corn flakes, french bread, dates, potatoes(many varieties anyway). Low GI: beans, lentils. Moderate GI: cereals, pasta, bread, long grain rice. (protein slows the absorbtion down and effectively decreases the GI)

thanks alot Richard

Post a photo…Let’s all watch your progress.

Yeah the fast went pretty well. I did eat so much before the fast that I overloaded my stomach and ended up throwing up. But I my tatic of sleeping through most of the fast to conserve energy worked brilliantly. I slept 16 hours from 8 p.m to 12 p.m .

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