Preparing for a breakout year (Critique gladly welcomed)

Howdy! First off I want to say how thankful I am for the knowledge and experience in this forum. It’s really an amazing resource. This journal section is something I’ve been meaning to get into for a long time. So here we go.

I am a 21yo unattached multi-eventer, I’m from Oregon and have had some tough years with injuries, excess bodyweight and inconsistencies since my last legitimate success as a HS Senior in 2012. In 2014 I dislocated my ankle on my plant foot/lead leg and had some elbow strains from javelin. Had 6 months away from the track before returning to training in Jan 2015. I’m 6ft and my BW is down to 190lbs from 200 when I first started. My goal for 2016 is to make my senior national debut in the heptathlon at USATF Indoors in Portland, OR in March. I’ll have to qualify for the meet in January. I’ve never done an official indoor hep, but have competed for 8 years in the decathlon and honestly the hep is more suited for my strengths. Here’s an overview of where I’m at and where I need to be to qualify.

Current stats: marks from a couple 2015 comps or tests in training from this past year:
60m- 7.3h (testing) 2014 PR of 7.60fat
LJ- 6.10m (testing) 2012 Pr of 6.63m
SP- 13.30m (comp) training marks of 14m
HJ- 1.80m (training) 2014 PR of 1.85
60mh- 8.7h (testing) 2014 Pr of 9.24FAT
PV- 4.11m (comp) training marks of 4.50m
1000m- no mark
Projected Hep score- 4800-5000

Goals- 1. SPEED SPEED SPEED. If that 60m is fast everything else falls into place.
2.drop bodyweight to sub185 by December and obtain single digit bodyfat
3. exceed the USATF qualfier of 5450 with the following marks:
60m- 7.25fat
LJ- 6.70m
SP- 14.30m
HJ- 1.90m
60mh- 8.50FAt
PV- 4.70m
1000m- 2:46.00
score- 5487

Gameplan Summary- I’m using the High/low training method. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays are high central nervous system explosive days revolving around the hurdles, jumps, shot, and sprint/plyo variations (500m total volume) and weight training. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays are extensive tempo days (2000-3000m volume) in the 65-75% range with some light javelin technique and/ or med ball/general strength circuits. Sunday is an active recovery day. More intensive details and lots of video to come in the daily journal!

Any advice, suggestions, critique is gladly welcomed. Thanks for your time.

Wasn’t able to train Monday, So h Had to make a shift in my training this week. High days are Tues,Thurs,Sat. Low days Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

tuesday 9/15/15-
Dynamic Warmup

standing hurdle drills- lead leg/ trail leg 3x10

4x20m hurdle drill
6 hurdles spaced 9-10 feet apart at 39"
Quick 3 step in between. went over lead leg and trail leg twice
(LJ technique in subsets)-6 run-run-jumps pop-ups in between sets

3x20m one-step drill- going through middle
6 hurdles 9 feet apart @39"
(LJ technique in subsets)-6 run-run-jumps pop-ups in between sets

6x40m quick 3 step over 39"- hurdles spaced 20ft apart
6x 3x LLRL, RRLR single leg bounds as subsets

quick video of hurdle section- (not sure how to get the actual video on here instead of the link)

Total volume- (380m hurdling, 250m bound variations)
A1. Front squats- 5x3@ 225,245,215,215,215
A2.Scapular wall slides- 5x10
B.Speed Deadlifts Hexbar- 6x2@ 225
C1. Reverse Deficit Lunge- 3x8/s @45lb dumbbells
C2. Feet-elevated pushups with band resistance- 3x10
D1. Pallof press w/10 second iso-hold- 3x3/side @80lbs
D2. Seated Cable rows 3x10 @190

Cooldown- I use Joe Defranco’s limber 11 hip mobility series

Had Physical therapy an hour post workout- rehabbing some medial epichondylitis in my elbow, and mobilizing/strengthening my serratus interior, rear deltoid, and upper triceps on my right shoulder

Wednesday 9/16/15-

Non-impact Tempo on Elliptical
5x 5,6,7,6,5 minutes (40 off/20 on)

Pt exercises as subsets

Thursday 9/17/15-
Woke up crazy sore and tired. Decided to shift to an active recovery day. Had 1.5 hours physical therapy working on balance and posture, and upper body mobility and strength

Friday 9/18/15-
Back to a high day. Lovely fall weather here in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Dynamic Warmup
Shot put-
10 stand throws L/R
12 full glides
8 35lb weight hammer tosses 4l/4r

6x20m 3 hurdle 3 steps [video][/video]

Hex bar deadlifts 5x5 @ 315 325 315 295 295
Ankle wall.mobs 4x8
Walking barbell sled lunges 4x6/side @ 135
Quadriped chin tucks 4x10
Chest supported row 4x8 @95
Roman chair 3x10 45lbs
External rotation band 3x10

cooldown stretching, 10 minute inversion table, 15 minute hydrotherapy at 60 degrees F

Quick 10 second video on current 3pt start/triple extension and shot put stand throw technique

Saturday 9/19/15

Off day. Did some yard work and caught up on sleep!

Sunday 9/20/15

8 AM tempo:
BIG 12 workout- descending ladder
12 pushups, 100m run @17sec, 12 situps, 100m run @17sec.
11 pushups, 100m @17 sec, …etc

2400m total volume
PT exercises and static stretching for cooldown

Monday 9/21/15

Afternoon physical therapy-
1 hr plus of more rear deltoid/ thoracic spine/ lat therapy

Evening training- high day

Dynamic warmup
hurdle drills
8x40m over 3-4 hurdles @39in spaced 25 feet apart. [video][/video]
emphasis today was more forward lean and aggressive cut step. The lean needs more work. on the last set I ran from a 4pt start, normal distance to the 1st hurdle and 25 ft to 2nd and 3rd. touchdown time was handtimed at 2.55, 3.60, 4.62.

3x50m plyo series= 20m sprint into LJ takeoff/30m- 10 SL distance bounds 5L/5R

A1 Front squats 3x3 @ 225,250,225
A2 Scapular wall slides 3x10
B1 Speed Deadlifts(hexbar) 4x2 @245
C1 Reverse Deficit DB Lunge 2x8/side @50lb
C2 Deficit pushups with band resistance 3x10
D1 Pallof press w/ 30sec iso hold 3x3/side @ 45lbs
D2 chinups 3x8

Limber 11, lat stretch

What are the specific types of therapy you get?

I’ve gotten ASTYM and ultrasound treatment on the elbow, and massage and joint mobilization in the shoulder. Once a month I get a full body massage in some knotted areas that need help. Wish it could be more frequent treatment but money gets tight.

Tuesday 9/22/15-
non impact tempo on elliptical, 20 on/40 off 3x10 minutes

Wednesday 9/23/15-
Couldnt make it to the track. added in another tempo day to boost recovery.
elliptical tempo from tuesday and PT exercises

Thursday 9/24/15-
Dynamic warmup
A1. 5 x 1-step hurdle drill over 5 hurdles at 30in. with 36 inch box jump at end
B1. 6x shot put standing throw Left and right side
B2. 6x 4 run-run-jumps with box jump finish
C1. 5 Shadow glides
D1. 5 x A1
D2. 5x 2 full glide throws (41-46ft)
E1. 5x 60m hill sprint

A1. close grip bench 3x3@ 165
A2. pullups 3x4
B1. Ab Wheel 3x8
B2. Chest supported row 3x10 @95
B3. Walking Barbell Lunges 3x6/side @ 135

Light cooldown/stretch, contrast shower

Drove straight to physical therapy and had a monster 1.5hr upper body strengthening/stretching session.

Friday 9/25/15
Low day

800m warmup/ dynamic drills

3 x 3 x 200, 100 @70-80%
2700m total volume
Target times were 32-34 and 16-17
90 seconds walking rest between reps, 5 minutes between sets. During the 90 seconds rest periods I did sets of reverse Crunches with hip lift and dynamic plank variations.
So Ab volume was 9×10 reverse Crunches, 9x30 seconds planks.

Followed tempo with a med ball circuit and band drills for javelin/PT

Cooldown- Limber 11 and thoracic spine stretching

Therapy- foam rolling and 20 minutes whirlpool at 55 degrees, followed by contrast shower

Monday 9/28/15- HI day
dynamic warmup
hurdle drills
4x block start over 2h @39’ 27 feet spacing between h1 and h2
4x block start over 4h @36’ 29 feet spacing between
best touchdown times on 36s- 2.55, 3.7, 4.9, 6.05

4x LJ approach rehearsal
6x 6 step takeoffs

weights, cooldown, whirpool, contrast shower

Tuesday- LO
dynamic warmup
grass tempo @75% pace, 2800m total volume
2x200m 6x100m
8x100m 1x200m

3 rounds med ball throw/core series
Javelin band drills
cooldown, contrast shower, deep stretching

Wednesday- OFF

Modified training-thursday 9/30/15
Dynamic warmup
A. 6x 1 step drill over 5 hurdles jump
Left&Right side SP stand throw as subset
B. 6x 5 step over 2h @39"
6x 5 step over 4h @39"
C. 12 full shot put throws- experimented with Eaton shuffle for the 1st time. Was hitting much better power positions and adding 3+ feet to marks from last week. Very excited to continue that progression
D. 6x20m hill sprints low grade
3x60m hill medium grade
E. Weights- bench, hip flexor mob, towel pullups, DB bench, cable rows, 1 leg RDL, cooldown

3x 100,200,100,200,100 @70%
Med ball circuit

SAturday 10/3/15- HI

4x LJ approach rehearsal- 18 strides
4x 6 run-run-jumps
4x 5step over 4h@39" + 20m acceleration
4x 30m sled starts in grass

monday- hi 10/5/15
warmup, drills

4x 4 starts over 2h@39’ one space in
4x 4 starts over 4h@36" one space in
2x30m flys
(+360m total volume)

hexbar DL 2x2@335 2x4@315 subsets were 4x6 lunge jumps, 4x8/s wall ankle mobs
Reverse Barbell Lunge 3x6/s@115
Kneeling OH DB Press 3x6/s @50
PT Band exercises
Limber 11

Tuesday- LO
tempo- BIG 10
10 pushups, run 100m, 10 reverse crunches with hip lift, run 100m
-descended down to 1 pushup and crunch
-2000m total volume @60-70%pr pace (15.8-17.5sec)
PT band work

Wednesday 10/7/15- HI
7x30m hill
3x60m hill

Weights-upper body session with shot put drills and some killer SL RDLs.

Cooldown, hydrotherapy

Friday 10/9/15
4 starts over 4h@36’ 28ft spacing
10x20m plyo series
250m sprint/acceleration variations

Saturday 10/10/15
8am tempo
20x100m @70%
Med ball and core series

Afternoon sauna

Monday 10/12/15- HI
Acceleration drills
12x 2 handed dunks on 9ft (6 step LJ takeoffs)
5× UHF medball+ 3 broad jumps into 30m sprint
5x OHB medball + 10 SL bounds

Weights- power cleans, box jumps, reverse barbell lunges, split jerk, Ab wheel, chest supported rows, med ball wall slams

Tuesday 10/13/15- LO
Extensive tempo
1x500 @1:30.5, 3 min rest
5x100 @16-16.5, 4 min rest
1x500 @1:29.3, 5 min rest
5x100 @16.5-17, 5 min rest
1x500 @1:26.6
*Banded shoulder external rotation drills in between sets

Wednesday 10/14/15- HI
Warmup, acceleration drills
5x LJ approach rehearsal (35mbuildup)
6× 6 step LJ popups
3x 10 SL bounds
15-20× shot put throw variations
Weights- upper body, 2 year best bench press 1rm@ 235lbs, (2013 pr@240)