Predictions For US Indoors!!!

1. Capel 6.46
2. Gatlin 6.50(on pure talent!)
3. Miller 6.52

I think Trammell will skip the 60m and run the 60m Hurdles.


  1. Gardener 6.49
  2. Lewis-Francis(any relation to Charlie?:D) 6.53
  3. Chambers 6.60

Prophet good guess about Gatlin. Anything he achieves will be done on both pure talent and hard work.

  1. Lewis-Francis 6.58
  2. Chambers 6.59

Gardener didn’t run b/c he already has a spot on the team.

I would like to see coby pull it out.


  1. Gatlin 6.45
  2. Trammell 6.48
  3. Capel 6.49

But Gatlin injured himself! It looks like a mild strain of his right hamstring but this may have a negative effect on his chances at World Indoors.