Predictions for the 100m olympic final

Whats your 1/2/3 (gold/silver/bronze) for the final prediction? Any other guys in 4-8th as well.

I predict:

1 Usain
2 Tyson
3 Asafa
4 Walter

gonna stay with your four:

1: tyson
2: usain
3: walter
4: powell

Dix will surprise people at the OG’s this year. He’s only getting better as evident from his performance at the trials. Remember he was injured and hasn’t raced as much as others. I just don’t see Powell any higher than 4th after all these injuries lately and his past performances in big meets that count most. Just my opinion though.


I’d think bolt if he stays healthy and I expect Gay to be back shortly. A report said he’s in Germany re-habing, so I expect he’s with Dr Muller Wolfhart- a good move. Hopefully, Asafa’s there too, or in Toronto with dr Tony Galea.

ya im not too sure on the bronze either, but both powell and dix are in there for it, but i dont see either beating tyson.

im just hoping that assafa even makes the final…

im just hoping that assafa even makes the final…

Linford talked about Muller-Wolfhart in his book and the results that he reported were nothing less than extraordinary. Apparently he uses some obscure methods, can anyone shed light on this?

There is no obscure methods there, just intense research and experience with the top sportsmen in the world for years.
Just for sprints, he has treated at least 7 sub9.90 sprinters (published, i don’t break medical secrets!) Bolt 9.72, Powell 9.74, Gay 9.77, Greene 9.79, Fasuba 9.85, Obikwelu 9.86, Christie 9.86.
On female side, he has healed World champions Zhanna Block and Veronica Campbell.

This is one of the few guys in the world who knows what’s a sprinter’s body.

Who did Pfaff use when Bailey tore adductors before the 96 Oly? I believe it was 10 days before the games??

I’m sure he did a lot himself but I recall there were others involved.

On a side note, I warmed up in the same track as the one they put in Beijin (a version of the Mondo Super X Performance which I was told by the Mondo technicians is different from the previous one), it seems to me that is has a LOT of energy return, especially when pushing vertically. It would be interesting to see how it affects max speed.

I wonder how bad the “tear” was. If it’s bad, I don’t see how you’re going to run. Not to be a doubter but I wonder if it was like Mike Tyson’s broken back? “spinal…i broke my back”

Dan discusses on one of his lecture DVD’s. Beyond that I do not know.

  1. Gay
  2. Bolt
  3. Chambers
  1. Gay
  2. Bolt
  3. Chambers

would u mean is it better or worse for max speed?

would u say is it better or worse for max speed?

That could be hard to do from the sidelines.

1 Bolt
2 Gay
3 Dix

I know Charlie doesn’t like psychological factors much, but I think these come into play here because of Gay’s strained hamstring, and how much confidence he’s going to have pushing on it in training now. It looked like, just before the injury, that Gay was at least equal with Bolt. But I’m guessing he’s going to run gingerly on it in the beginning, and he’s going to pay the price for that in Beijing–not enough time to come back and train hard, as Mo has already said. We’ll see in London, if Gay doesn’t cancel.

  1. Bolt
  2. Gay
  3. Dix

Bolt looks amazing right now, will he try the double?:rolleyes: