pre workout supplements

im looking for something to help with aliitle more focus and energy before i start my training seesions(track and weight room),because its not everyday your that you go out there with complete focus and motivation-
ive heard good things on this website about biotest’s power drive, and am considering giving it a try.
Has anyone here tried a sup. with cosanoid in it? ISS research makes Orange Blast with that as its main ingrediant,supposed to help with mental alertness and energy?
Anybody had expirience with one or both of these sup’s?

Do you know what the difference between DL-Plenylalanine and L-Plenylalanine is ?
DL-Plenylalanine is an appetite suppresant ? y?

i am waiting for an order of DL-Plenylalanine to come is and i will test drive as soon as it hits the loading dock…ill keep you all posted.

Great news … Thanks.
Do you think there is any logic or benefit in increasing the dosage beyond the 1500 mg of Plenylalanine and 2000 mg of Tyrosine 716 reccomends for such sports?

Tyrosine would help with extended duration sports as tyrosine competes for the same receptor sites as tryptophan, which limits the ability to maintain muscular output.

Has 716 or anyone else any reccomended servings for L- Tyrosine and Phenylaline for sports of extended duration?
e.g. Rugby, soccer, football?

Most days I just use coffee :smiley:
but I must admit cottage cheese wakes me up considerably and Powerdrive gives me a nice ice cold sense of focus for comp or the occassional speed session .
I would never again use powerdrive on a day when I was feeling below par as a pick me up - I did this about 8 weeks ago -the result -
A very good session followed by my first virus for 18 months - lesson - if u feel like crap take it into acount and train accordingly ( or not at all )

there is a lot of info on this. 716 recommended: L- Tyrosine and Phenylaline (spelling)? do a search for it.


if you have read the back posts on power drive, you have seen that i am a fan of power drive. depending on where you pick it up, in the states i think is the best price, you can use it without worrying how much it costing you per session.

i give power drive the thumbs up.