pre-workout nutrition

Everyone talks about go! for post-workout, but berardi wrote an article on pre-workout and said that it might be more important that post. so what does everyone do for pre-workout nutrition? clemson, your input would be appreciated.

Pre workout nutrition is important if you factor in the time it takes for digestion to take place. If you ingest your pre workout high glycemic index carbohydrates about a half hour before they will most likely reach the blood stream while training, and will replenish glycogen while training. This will result in less muscle catabolism. It really depends on your training technique. If you are doing sprinting training you may not want to have food in your stomache if it upsets you. You may want to include quickly absorbable amino acids with the carbohydrate liquid beverage (most prefer whey protein).

Some use BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) along with carbohydrate pre workout, there is various evidence on the improved exercise capacity from these aminos. I personally experience less fatigue when I weight train and take a pre workout meal.

Sport CCardill? Training history? Training style and methods? We got to be specific here and one should be very precise on preworkout nutrition.

I don’t train for any sport specifically, I just want to be faster, stronger, and healthier for myself and so I can pass on info to my brother who plays D1 football. I train 4 days a week (westside) and right now I’m trying to put on some weight. I 6’0 182 7% bodyfat up from 174 6 weeks ago with no gain in bodyfat. Right now for preworkout I use gatorade plus 1 scoop surge and 5g creatine. Post-workout varies depending on how much money I have. Sometimes I use surge and then a high carb + protein shake 30 min later, other times i skip the surge and go right to the high carb + protein shake. Throughout the day I take fish oil caps and started added coconut oil to my other protein shakes (excluding post workout). Thanks for the help.

Grow 2 times with coconut milk every day with one day off per week.
Surge or similar product after lifting three days a week

a really good article on pre workout nutrition

my english is not so good to read ( and understand ) this article,
what´s the main points ?

Why coconut milk?

What about pre-workout?

Has anyone tried the Vendetta product mentioned in that article? I couldn’t find the breakdown of aminos in that product.

If you are eating small meals every two hours…what is the need besides BCAA’s and water? The whole day you are getting fueled up.

it is a review of the Tipton research which shows the anabolic effectiveness of consuming free form EAA’s prior to training

Ok,but how must be for everyone 2-3 hour pre-workout nutrition(before Weigth or Sprints)?
Is better Fat and Protein or Carbo Low(or High)Inde Insulin and Pro or…?

2-3 hours before training low-moderate GI carbs with protein. I find a moderate bowl of cereal fine about 2 hour before and larger bowl 3 hours before. Something like chicken sandwiches are ok also. You want a moderate, steady insulin and blood glucose repsonse up to atleast the start of training to prevent the feeling of weakness from low blood sugar, along with little food in the gut at the start of training. From meals such as these, there may be decent aa amounts in the system prior to training for protein synthesis, but a small amount of aa’s eg. 10g whey, could also be taken within 1 h training to ensure this. As training starts blood glucose will be fine from such feeding but a 5-10%maltodextrin or glucose drink will maintain this throughout training and also prevent glucagon output which inhibits protein synthesis. Post training carb/pro drink good for the next couple of hours.